Guy Calls Zomato ‘Useless’ On Twitter, Zomato’s Reply Goes Viral


Lockdown really struck people hard and this shows. People have been trying to keep themselves as busy as possible, from trying to keep themselves entertained with various tasks to potentially learning to cook.

And of course, the funny side of people can be seen through their tweets & articles as well. Somebody posted on Twitter recently while taking a shot at the Zomato food delivery service. During the lockout, the user laughed about how his parents thought he was as useless as Zomato.

To which, Zomato was definitely not keeping mum. The food delivery giant replied with something wittier.

The funny banter between a user and Zomato soon went viral and people were quick to point out the settle burn to the Twitter User.

Certainly the lockout has its downs but if it is the only way to keep us safe and healthy people prefer to see the ups in it. Recently we saw people on social media become more and more involved. As a result, we can continue to see these funny interactions between people in order to keep us amused.