Hottest Criminals Ever Sent To Jail [2024]

hottest, criminal, Tampa Florida, Veronica Rodriguez, Jennifer Jensen, Stephanie Beaudoin

Hottest Criminals Ever: Today we’ll look at 8 hot Criminals that have gone viral. Some offenders are committing major crimes and some are doing lesser offences, but all offenders are having mug shots and most are going to trial because they are seen by the general public. Well here are several examples where criminals went viral for their good looks in mug shots and court pictures.

Hottest Criminals Ever Sent To Jail!

Jennifer Fichter

Hottest Criminals

The 30-year-old American teacher was locked up for 22 years in 2015, why? Well, she had developed relationships with three of her teenage students. The students were all 17 years old in America which is not the legal age, so why did this instructor go viral? Okay, she first went viral in Russia for two reasons, the legal age is 16 in most countries and not like 18 in America. So Russians didn’t understand a petition called VK on Russian Facebook gathered more than 14,000 people’s signatures saying she should be home.

Afterwards, that was picked up by many media outlets and so other people thought it was far too much to grant her 22 years behind bars the other reason she went viral was for her beauty. Her face went viral when she appeared on court television where she laughed before she was sentenced to 22 years, which means she will be in her 50s before she gets out.

Angie Sanclemente

hottest, criminal, Tampa Florida, Veronica Rodriguez, Jennifer Jensen, Stephanie Beaudoin
Hottest Female Criminal

When we talk of Narco gangsters we talk of Pablo Escobar or El Chapo. Well, then you should think of Angie Sancemente Valencia as this very sexy suspect. She is from Colombia and used to be a queen of beauty and underwear model but left the job to become El Chapo’s girlfriend.

Cocaine Beauty QueenAngie Sanclemente Valencia

She smuggled drugs from South America to different European nations. After breaking up with her partner who is also a Narco gangster named the Monster, she set up a rival organization. One day one of her workers was busted and Angie went to hide for five months but was monitored by her Facebook page and arrested in 2010 in Buenos Aires. She was sentenced to six years and eight months but served just half of her sentence the media went wild calling her the most beautiful criminal ever and her pictures went viral.

Jeremy Meeks – Hottest Male Criminal in the world

hottest, criminal, Tampa Florida, Veronica Rodriguez, Jennifer Jensen, Stephanie Beaudoin
Top 10 Hottest Male Criminals

In 2014 this mug shot was shared on their Facebook page by the Stockton Police Department as they do for anyone they apprehend. Jeremy Meeks was named the suspect, and he was charged with vandalism and obstructing justice. Now, most of their posts get some likes but this post went viral and received more than 70 K likes, 25 K comments and 10 K shares. The police were shocked, and they didn’t understand why until they heard that Jeremy was a meme.

After a long time, he was known as a hot mugshot guy and he had no idea where she was in jail without a computer his bail was set at $1000, and his mother Catherine agreed to make a GoFundMe fund for his bail. Instead, Jeremy went on to become a model after he got released he’s now famous and owns a decent deal of money as a male model so I think being arrested was the best thing this guy ever did. He now has 2 M Instagram followers.

Alysa Bathrick

Most Beautiful Female Criminals

It is a mug shot that went viral in 2014 and got big eyes caught, big trouble. The girl named Alysa Bathrick is from North Carolina and she was convicted at the age of 18 what did she do? So she was charged because of Xanax possession, and she was taken to prison and given the iconic orange jumpsuit. This doesn’t make them look nice for most people now but many people on the internet have said that Alysa looked amazing in it.

Alysa Bathrick

Sarah Seawright

Most Beautiful Female Criminals

This mugshot woman became viral in 2010, because of her good looks. Her name is Sarah Seawright and she’s from Arkansas, Little Rock. She had a lot of offences for which she was going to be in court, but she never showed up when she was charged for refusing to appear in court and taking the photo of this mug. She also had a few mug shots that went viral and they were all taken to prison. Unlike Jeremy, she turned good into a poor scenario, received the nickname prison bae, and now has thousands of followers on Twitter. The crime that she committed was a carjacking, and then robbery a year later.

Stephanie Beaudoin

World’s hottest woman criminal

Not only does this girl have amazing looks and a reputation as a viral convict, but she also has more than a hundred separate charges brought against her. She’s done the most crimes on this list ahead of everyone else, but her most common crime is burglary. She was charged with 42 offences. She’s from Canada, which is also where she’s been doing most of her burglaries I thought Canada would be all good. Despite all her burglaries and the good look she’s called the beautiful burglar and one comment on one of her pictures said she’s going to steal your heart and then your things.

Jennifer Jensen

Hot Mugshots

This 23-year-old girl named Jennifer was arrested in 2011, and this mug shot was taken by County Police and posted to databases. Yet this mug shot went viral because Jennifer looks so good in it that she has been identified as stunning and she is listed as a hottie even on the official Florida arrest database. It’s not clear what Jennifer was being held for but in her mug shot, she doesn’t look concerned about something.

Veronica Rodriguez

hottest, criminal, Tampa Florida, Veronica Rodriguez, Jennifer Jensen, Stephanie Beaudoin
Hottest criminals in history

In 2010, the Tampa Florida police arrested this 19-year-old driver and she was brought in, but it went viral online a few years after her mug shot was caught. People said she looked very good in it but you will understand why once you find out what Veronica’s work is. It turns out that she is an adult movie star and so she looks so fine. She appears to pose for a magazine since she’s wearing lipstick.

Meagan Simmons

Hottest Mugshot In The World

The Florida single mother discovered that her mug shot was attractive after being detained on a DUI charge; it was made into the “Attractive Convict” meme, and men from all over wanted to be her next suitor.

Sara Jane Isbister

Hottest Mugshot In The World

Sara Jane may have Angelina Jolie-like eyes and lips, but she is a Floridian who has had multiple run-ins with the law. The most recent shooting occurred in 2013 after a parole violation in Brevard County, Florida.