9 Signs That Reveal You’re Really Mentally Strong


Scientists agree that being mentally powerful is a better indicator of performance than intellect and you can understand why after having looked at these indicators. To have control of your emotions and willpower is to be a strong person who can do just about everything you set out to do. Want to inquire if you have anything to do with these? Read on, and search on your own!

1. You don’t worry about issues that are out of your control.

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Your motto is “If you can fix it, don’t worry; if you can’t fix it, don’t worry.” Clinical psychologist Amy Morin explains that you don’t usually worry about issues that you can’t control if you’re a strong-minded person. Some people may feel comfortable having handled everything, but some things are beyond our control. Trying to control them would only result in tension and energy loss. Better saving that strength for something you can actually accomplish, improve, or change.

2. You accept and face the problems that come your way.

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Life is tough and you know that. You recognise not only that, but that loss, illness, and sorrow will come your way. But instead of opting to panic if anything bad occurs and restrain from achieving your life goals, studies show you are willing to take advantage of any moment of difficulty by learning from it. This is a blessing from your high emotional intelligence, something possessed and developed by psychologically strong people that helps you to cope with negative emotions.

3. You can say “no” without regret.

If your boss were to ask you if you should work over the weekend, you’d have no trouble saying no. Prefer going to the class or maintaining your friendship with your girlfriend. You’re committed to your goals, obligations and beliefs and you’re not letting those things get in their way. That is why you’re comfortable saying “no” whenever it’s needed. It is a way to exercise self-control and confidence-building that will allow you to fulfil your priorities, obligations and values. That doesn’t mean you mean, quite the opposite. It shows you’re not going to put up with bullies, time-wasters or behaviours that put you or those you love in jeopardy.

4. You are patient and know that dreams don’t come true in a second.

Research shows that strong-minded people focus and don’t just respond, which helps them to deeply consider and examine situations to make the best of any situation. That’s why you appear to be cooperative with other people, you yourself and your goals in particular. You realise achieving your goals takes time and effort. Further studies actually show that people like you prefer to excel more.

5. You set the necessary boundaries.

Setting limits is a way to assert control and flourish healthily. That is why you set them up. Studies show that you want to take control of your body and mind, as this turns you into your own master, not a slave to the wishes of yourself or anyone else. For example, you regulate your bad habits, you’ll probably ignore negative people, and even if you’re exhausted you’ll go to the gym. You agree that discipline is key to a healthy lifestyle.

6. You don’t complain, you act.

You believe the world owes you nothing. You have come to realise that good works are worthwhile for. So instead of feeling entitled to or whining about the world’s unfairness, you’re choosing to reflect on what you can do to make your life and the lives of others you love better. Research indicates this is the product of your part’s valuable contemplation and dedication that characterises you in doing what you believe.

7. You rarely improvise, you prefer to strategize.

You are a planner and not an impulsive guy. Impulsivity is a trait usually found in people who have not yet thought about their ambitions, and who don’t understand or consider the implications of their actions. Psychologists, on the contrary, assume that psychologically strong people already have specific objectives in mind, so that you want to prepare, quantify risks and take the most successful route toward what you want. In short: You strategize to fulfil the life you think is satisfying.

8. You are confident, but not over-confident.

Being over-confident means you’ve already had ample training. That could leave you unprepared, and caught off guard easily. Mentally stable people have a strong self-awareness that helps them see their strengths and limitations clearly. You are optimistic in most cases, since you know your strengths and strive to fix or mitigate your shortcomings.

9. You don’t jeopardize your sleep.

A relaxed mind is an active mind. You’re not messing with your ability to perform effectively on a regular basis, so you can accomplish anything you want. This is why research shows that people like you usually have good sleeping habits, treat their sleeping hours as recharging hours, and get as much as they need to wake up ready and refreshed.

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