8 Techniques to Look Younger Shared By Stylists


Facial lines and a large number of pigment spots have been shown to make you look older. You’re looking at the people around you and trying to assess your age. But our appearance includes certain stuff which can make us look younger than we really are.

A group of French and US researchers found that people who want to understand how old a woman is unconsciously paying attention to her face contrast: how outlined her eyes, lips and eyebrows are. Bright facial features show a person is healthy and youthful. Some people are born with these features and some are using makeup to improve their look.

1. Full lower lip

The “childish” lip effect is a straightforward way of looking a few years younger. Modern girls like to raise their upper lip because they believe this would make them look more appealing. But a large upper lip simply makes a woman appear older, while a small lower lip makes the face look younger and more innocent.

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2. Highlighted eyebrow baseline

You need to highlight your baseline eyebrow to make your look fresher. This trick has been used by popular celebrities for a long time now and you can use it too.

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What you need is a highlighter or the shadows of the brightest eyes.

3. High cheekbones

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With age facial characteristics become less prominent as the skin becomes less elastic. In addition, a lot of women have no high cheekbones at all. And they could make you look a couple of years younger.

You may use either smart makeup methods or cosmetic injections in this situation. But make sure you find a very good professional who isn’t going to ruin your face’s natural beauty.

4. Small earlobes

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Earlobes are something which women for some reason are neglecting. Ear lobes too large from years of wearing heavy earrings, however, make a woman look older.

You can easily correct the shape of the earlobes with injections or laser procedures. All certain approaches are radical. Preventing this issue is much easier: Use a regular nourishing cream and don’t wear bulky earrings.

5. Natural skin colour

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While tanned skin can help to mask small defects on your face, it does make you look a few years older. This is because wrinkles on tanned skin can be seen more easily. The Light, however, makes you very literally mature. Note, ultraviolet rays are really dangerous, so use sunscreen every day.

6. A little “unkempt” hair

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Nothing makes you look older than perfect hair where every detail should be like that. Only girls with the perfect face and skin can be brave enough to get that hair. If you don’t want to look older, leave the tips a little messy and your hair should be a little unkempt.

The “uneven tips” effect makes you appear youthful. But if you want to have the same length as your hair and still look fantastic, just curl it a little.

7. Natural hair colour

Youth is also associated with vivid hair colour. It can achieve the same result with normal dark colour. Most significantly, providing a very natural hue. Women with unnaturally blonde hair looking kind of yellow and women with very dark hair look older than they actually are.

If you plan to dye your hair, consider choosing the most natural colour that matches you.

8. Slightly “wild” eyebrows

“Wild” eyebrows will make your face look shinier and brighter. It’s crucial not to overdo it — and not completely abandon eyebrow shaping. Bushes appear unattractive in lieu of perfectly groomed hair.

To help you keep your eyebrows natural with only a touch of “wildness” find a good specialist.

These tips are useful for just about everyone. Since every person is different, the keyword is “almost” Tell us how you mask facial changes linked to age.

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