8 Tricks That Help Royal Women Look Flawless in Any Situation


The British Royal Family’s female members are attracting the attention of millions. And they have only no room for error. And Meghan Markle, who reportedly gave up earlier this year on her royal title, is no exception. Therefore, the best half of the royal house uses some little tricks to always look perfect. For example, Kate Middleton wears anti-slip tights during formal events, with scarcely visible gel non-slip grips, while Meghan Markle prefers bodysuit tops over standard blouses.

We deeply respect the royal ladies’ beauty and have mastered the tricks that they use to always appear faultless. We’ll reveal the tricks used by the late Princess Diana at the end of the post, and why Queen Elizabeth II still wears gloves (and it has nothing to do with fashions).

A low bun during the daytime, and natural waves in the evening

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The favourite hairstyle of Meghan Markle is a messy low bun. The bun goes well with caps and is not distracting attention from the styles of the Duchess. But the main explanation for the bun is that at night, it can be easily turned into a wavy design. She just needs to relax to get beautiful, effortless waves. Moreover, during the day, hair gathered in a bun gets less harm.

A Hairnet

Unlike Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton likes sleek hair-styles. And she switches to a bit of a trick to keep her hairdos in great condition during the day. The future queen’s hairnets are scarcely noticeable.

A bodysuit instead of a blouse

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Meghan Markle favours bodysuits to standard tops and blouses. They’re practical, they don’t wrinkle, and they’re making every look sober. But most importantly, Prince Harry’s wife is not having to think about her blouse going loose with a bodysuit.

Gel non-slip grips

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The royal protocol specifies that ladies can’t wear bare legs. But Kate Middleton still wears the finest tights of nylon at official events. And Catherine prefers anti-slip tights with special non-slip silicone grips to keep her shoes from sliding off her feet.

A toothbrush to tame flyaways

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A lot of girls think about flyaways and frizz. But it seems Meghan Markle’s found a perfect solution. The wife of Prince Harry uses a toothbrush and daily hairspray to style the curly hair around her eyes. She once said, “I spray hairspray on a tiny boar bristle toothbrush (a normal toothbrush works well too) for my flyaways to gently brush them down or smooth the hairline — this is particularly good for a sleek bun when I’m off camera.”

A dress with a secret

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Royal Family ladies also turn up in public wearing lightweight fabric skirts. It uses small weights, better known as curtain weights, to keep the hem of their skirts from rising in strong winds. They say the Queen likes this lifehack herself-weights are used in virtually all of her clothes, from skirts to coats.

Underwear that increases static

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Another royal way of battling fly-up clothing is underwear that raises static. This minimises the fabric adheres to the body, and unintentional public exposure.

Shoes that are one size too big

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Meghan Markle often prefers shoes that are one or two sizes larger than expected. Bigger shoes help protect against pain and blisters. They use silicone inserts and pads to keep the feet from sliding out of them. They claim that their former fellow actors Meghan Markle embraced this lifehack. It’s no secret that a lot of celebrities who have to wear high-heeled shoes for several hours use this trick.