How To Use The Keyboard And Controller To Tap Strafe In Apex Legends


Everyone can attest to the tremendous value of mastering tap strafing in Apex Legends. It’s a game-changer, allowing you to effortlessly alter your course while maintaining that crucial momentum. The beauty of it lies in the fact that it throws off your adversaries, making it challenging for them to predict your every move. Ordinarily, changing directions would slow your character down, creating a vulnerability that opponents could exploit for a lethal strike. Dive into the details of executing tap strafing in Apex Legends, be it on a controller or a keyboard.

How do you perform tap strafing on a keyboard in Apex Legends?

When it comes to PC gaming, tap strafing requires a tweak in your mouse key bindings. Specifically, you’ll be redirecting the mouse’s scroll wheel forward motion to the W key. Once set up, execute a sequence involving slide jumps, A or D key presses for lateral movement, and a well-timed release of the W key during a jump. As you ascend, spin the mouse wheel in the direction aligned with the W key. The subtle increments of the wheel replicate button presses, giving the illusion of a continuous forward movement. While mastering this may take a few attempts, the noticeable shift in momentum will be immediate.

Breaking it down:

  1. Swap the mouse scroll wheel forward to the W key.
  2. Execute a slide jump, pressing A or D for lateral movement.
  3. Release the W key mid-jump while holding down A or D.
  4. At the jump’s zenith, scroll the mouse wheel forward for tap strafing.

How do you execute tap strafing on a controller in Apex Legends?

Employing tap strafing on a controller involves a slightly more intricate process, assisted by Steam. Navigate to the game’s properties, locate the controller menu, and activate Steam Input for the chosen controller. Follow these steps:

  1. Opt for the left Joystick Move box.
  2. Enable Mode Shifting.
  3. Bind the Mode Shift Button to Joystick Click.
  4. Choose Directional Pad as the Style of Input.
  5. Adjust the Overlap Region slider to 0.075.
  6. Map the forward D-Pad button (from selecting Directional Pad) to W.
  7. Within the keyboard options for binding W, select Show Activators.
  8. Activate Hold to Repeat (Turbo) and max out the Repeat Rate slider.
  9. Repeat the last three steps for the left directional button (A), the right directional button (D), and the down directional button (S).
  10. After the last directional button, stay on the Show Activators page and select Add Activator.
  11. Opt for Binding, click the left joystick button on the controller layout.

By unravelling the intricacies of tap strafing on both keyboard and controller setups, players gain a versatile advantage, reshaping their gameplay dynamics in Apex Legends.