‘I’m A Conjoined Twin, My Sister Has A BF & I Have To Third Wheel On Dates’


Carmen and Lupita are conjoined twins, and Lupita had to be the third wheel on all of Carmen’s dates due to circumstances. At least until she finds her own partner, at which point they’ll be able to call it a double date.


As they created their TikTok account, the two became internet celebrities, with over 1.7 million followers. Because they each have their own heart, lungs, brain, arms, and stomach, they are known as omphalopagus twins.

They’re connected around their ribcage, liver, and other digestive organs. They have the same circulatory and reproductive systems, as well.

In her TikTok video, she said, “This is me spoiling all Carmen and her boyfriend’s pictures.”


The 21-year-old duo was featured in a Channel 4 documentary, where they shared their experience and inspired millions. Others may be inspired by their incredible life stories, but that doesn’t mean Lupita isn’t also a person with a wicked sense of humour.

“That’s me eating an apple because I was enjoying the apple and no one told me they were shooting shots,” she began exhibiting her first photograph.

On her second photo, the same thing happened. “That’s me,” adds the speaker. They didn’t notify me they were going to take another image.”


Lupita then admitted she looked “wild” in the final photo as she “ruined” yet another snap.


“So, do you simply uncomfortably be there when they argue?” one curious commenter wondered.

“Lmaooo Lupita constantly being forced to third-wheel,” said another, laughing.

“You’re not destroying their images; you’re just spicing them up with your presence,” one witty said.

“Lupita probably zoned out on these dates for her own sanity,” one person speculated.

Comedic duos that are absolutely priceless!


Keep an eye out for her sister’s caustic remark about her!

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