‘I’m A Lawyer But I’m Sick Of Not Being Taken Seriously Because Of My ‘Hot’ Look’


Rachel Diane has spoken out on what it’s like to be a woman in the legal world. The criminal defense lawyer discussed her difficulties and said that she is not taken seriously due of her attractiveness. Rachel stated she attended two legal events this week and received some frightening statements in a TikTok video (which has since gone viral).

Rachel Diane claims that because of her appearance, she is not taken seriously as a lawyer.

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“Sorry I wasn’t listening because my gosh, you’re fantastic to look at,” a man remarked to the lawyer when she was asked whether she was one of the attorney’s wives. Rachel was offended by the comments, and she also revealed that someone else said, “If you go on a date with me, I’ll open doors for you.” She clarified that she was discussing her legal profession, but the man attempted to slide his hand up her thigh anyhow.


The attorney recently spoke at two legal events and revealed some of the reactions she received from male attorneys.

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Rachel also reported that she received an email from a man who attended one of the events, requesting a meeting. “I’m at a loss for words.” I’ve been crying, as you can tell.” Rachel’s eyes were clearly red in the video, which she captioned. In response to the comments, the attorney stated that she contacted the workplaces of the men who were unsuitable with her.

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Rachel was offended by the comments, which were outright misogynistic.

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“I did get each man a business [sic] card during those events,” she said. I’ve called their companies and requested an internal investigation into allegations of se*ual hara**ment.” The majority of the audience was taken aback by this revelation, and a handful couldn’t help but respond. Others shared similar stories while others gave their support.

Rachel has contacted the workplaces of the males who acted inappropriately against her.

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However, here’s what people had to say about Diane’s now-viral video: