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Indian Instagram Influencer: Instagram is probably the best platform for all those who want to express their visual sense and show off their skills and talents. Instagram has become quite popular throughout the world in recent years. It turned fame into many talents. We gave you today some of India’s hottest Instagram celebrities that dominated 2024.

Hottest Indian Instagram Influencer 2024, Check Out

Neha Malik

Neha Malik is a model and actress who works in the Punjabi film and music industries. Her date of birth is October 31, 1990, and Mumbai, Maharashtra, India is where she was born. She stands about 5′ 6″. She attended St. Xavier Sen for her education.

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Neha began her modelling career, and because of her diligence, she was named one of the three most attractive ladies during Arab Fashion Week. Neha Malik also took part in Bangkok Beach Fashion Week and Dubai Fashion Week.

Her Bollywood debut was in the film Bhanwari Ka Jaal. She rose to fame after she was featured in Ramji Gulati’s smash hit song Dhoop Mein Na Chal. Sakhiyaan, a song written and performed by Maninder Buttar, has received over 440 million views, making it one of the top music videos ever, according to Neha.

Vikram Mastal 

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Vikram Matsal is an actor who recently played the lead in the Bollywood movie, Suspense, which on February 8, 2019, will hit the theatres. The star is a fitness freak and Alps Nutrition India’s brand ambassador.

Adit Budhathoki

Model and actor Adit Budhathoki hail from Nepal. Aditi began her modelling career by appearing in a number of TV ads for companies including Amazon, Blinge, Elen Blu, and Kuber Jewellery.

She has appeared in numerous Punjabi music videos, including “Tum Jahan Raho” by Gurashish Singh (2021), “Ruseya Lagda Aen” by Rahul Lakhanpal, and “Hawa Banke” by Darshan Raval.

Hottest Instagram Celebrities From India

In 2018, she was chosen from among 30 applicants to appear in the Nepali movie “Kri.” Many well-known Nepali and Indian publications, including Grandeur Lifestyle Magazine, WOW Magazine, Navyata, and Nari, have featured Aditi on their front covers.

Is Aditi Budhathoki Nepali?

Aditi Budhathoki is a Nepalese model and actress who was born on June 28, 1996 (Age: 24 as of 2020) in Damak, Jhapa, Nepal. Aditi relocated to India in order to pursue her ambitions.

What is the age of Aditi Budhathoki?

26 years. Aditi budhathoki was Born on 28 June 1996

Santoshi Shetty – Fashion influencer

After announcing that she planned to give counselling sessions to individuals and charge for them, a fashion influencer received backlash on social media.

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A project dubbed Flying Cheese was just unveiled on Instagram by the blogger Santoshi Shetty. She wanted to charge Rs. 1500 for private therapy sessions. She claimed she wanted to open up a dialogue on mental health and support others who are having a hard time managing it.

Santoshi is one of Instagram’s hottest stars to watch right now.

Anuj Singh Duhan

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Anuj Singh Duhan is a name you may be familiar with. Many people consider him to be one of the youngest celebrities. We have covered every aspect of this model and actor. We can guarantee that if you are interested in Anuj Singh Duhan, coming here would make you pleased. You can find out about Anuj Singh Duhan’s net worth, age, relationships, background and education, salary, and a lot more right here. Let’s do it.

Anuj is a fitness freak, and for many Instagram users, he is the source of inspiration.

Rhea Gupte – Rhea Gupte Fashion Blogger

Rhea is a visual artist and photographer. Her work on Instagram is much appreciated. She’s sizzling hot apart from that. A Goa-based creative professional, Rhea Gupte. She was an active child growing up in Mumbai who loved to run, swim, dance, draw, fly, write poems, and even climb cliffs. Rhea studied arts throughout her scholastic career before transferring to NIFT to study fashion communication.

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Her passion for fashion developed gradually, and she may have gravitated toward fashion journalism since she loves to write. ‘I started a blog in my third year of college to keep track of the personal and academic initiatives I was involved in. It was merely a location where I could put my work. I still consider it to be exactly that. FUSS is the name of her wildly successful and influential fashion blog.

Gauri Mehta

Indian Instagram sensation Gauri Mehta is a model who has worked all across Mumbai (Bombay) and Dubai. More than 250,000 people back her. She had spent the previous few years improving her fitness. She has maintained her fitness by limiting her evening meals and engaging in activities like hip twirling, shaft wellness, and body pump.

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Gaurav Rana – Fitness & Fashion models

Gaurav Rana is a model of fitness and style. Besides that, on Instagram, he’s a heartthrob.

Sammrat Chaudhary

Sammrat Chaudhary is a bodybuilder and fitness model who has excelled in both amateur and professional competitions.