Influencer Posed In Business Class Then Returned To ‘Her Seat In Economy’


When influencer Oceane El Himer’s recent social media post was criticised by users, it created quite a fuss. Oceane captioned a photo of herself in the business class section of a plane with “Next Stop – Monaco” on Instagram. The ‘Les Princes et Princesses de l’Amour (The Prince and Princess of Love)’ celebrity was caught in the act of deceiving her admirers!

Her secret was blown despite the fact that her Instagram post had over 103k likes.


Oceane looked to continue walking to the back of the plane, to the economy class, after taking the selfie. Oceane was dressed casually in a Boohoo tracksuit and carrying a Dior bag in the photo, which was convincing.

Oh no! she was caught in the act of lying about being on a business flight when he was actually in economy class.


To be fair, the majority of us (or our parents) have taken photos in gorgeous historical cottages or houses that we don’t live in. Oceane, on the other hand, may not have said expressly that she had booked a business class flight.

She has closed the comment box under the Instagram post since the photograph spilled her secret and went viral.

Oceane and her twin sister Marine stared together in the movie.


She’s grown in popularity since then and has been in other series, including ‘Les Marseillais’ and ‘Les Apprentis Aventuriers,’ an adventure show.

This time, she and her twin sister are seated next to each other in business class, their middle fingers visible in their cheeky pictures. Their attitude regarding the recent unpleasant comments was perfected by a glass of champagne.

We don’t know if they purchased business-class tickets, and we may never find out.

Prior to Oceane, rapper Bow Wow was recorded talking about flying in his ‘own plane’ while promoting his ‘Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta’ tour in 2017. It’s a drag to be him because someone recognised him and stated that he acquired the photo from somewhere else while waiting in the economy with the rest of us.