Internet Fumes Over IndiGo Passenger’s In-Flight Dancing Viral Video


Due to people’s infatuation with social media photo sharing, they have developed a daily routine of creating reels and quick films to post on websites like YouTube or Instagram. These movies gain the makers’ views, likes, and money, but by breaching people’s privacy with roving cameras, they frequently cause commotion and discomfort for others.

Following the global success of a video showing a woman dancing on an IndiGo aircraft, many people expressed their disgust and irritation with the woman’s actions. Salma Sheikh, an Instagram user, posted the now-viral video of herself dancing in an aeroplane aisle while decked out in a black saree. Other travellers watch as she moves to the song “Style Style” by A. R. Rahman and S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, and the flight crew closes.

Since it was shared, the Instagram reel has received 16,000 likes and over 1.6 million views. Her video, nevertheless, didn’t sit well with many internet users.

A commenter mentioned that the passenger was quite ashamed and emphasised that she wasn’t supposed to act in this way on a private flight.

Another commenter said that the film was embarrassing and questioned if they should respect her bravery or make fun of her choices for the reel. She also questioned why some individuals are not shy in public.

This is the cause of the flight delays, according to a third party. Sarcastically, the fourth person said that they were so huge fans that they would let her out of the plane alone.