Here’s What These 10 KBC Winners Are Doing Right Now With The Money They Won On The Show


Kaun Banega Crorepati is one of the most popular Indian quiz shows, which kept our whole family hooked to their seats, pretending it to be their hot seat. This show gives people an opportunity to try out their luck by giving the right answers to the questions and taking home the money. Starring Amitabh Bachchan, this show became immensely successful in India and also received a strong TRP

The series was inspired by a game called Who Wants To Be A Millionaire in Britain. Let’s take a fast look at all KBC winners and what they are now doing with the money they’ve won!

1. Harshvardhan Nawathe (Season 1) 

He got a call for an audition for KBC as he was training for his Indian Civil Services. After winning Rs 1 crore at the show his life changed.

His focus later changed, and he went to the UK to pursue his MBA instead. Harshvardhan is now married and has children, and is currently working with Mahindra & Mahindra,

2. Ravi Saini, Winner Of KBC Junior

A boy who, when introduced to KBC, was only 14 years old, became the first little boy to win the show and take home Rs 1 crore. Ravi used the money to make arrangements for his studies. He passed the UPSC exam and is now an IPS cop, amazingly. Well done, Officer!

3. Rahat Taslim (Season 4) 

Rahat Taslim, who had come to the show, was part of a conservative family. She was obliged to leave her studies and marry because of family pressure. As she came to the series she just came to start her studies with a passion. She eventually became the Season 4 winner by chance and brought Rs 1 crore home. She then opened a Giridih garment store, and now works independently. Hard work pays off too!

4. Sushil Kumar (Season 5)

Sushil Kumar became the first contestant in KBC history to take home an immense sum of Rs 5 crore on the hot seat. The money brought him success but again, according to sources, he was unable to spend it wisely, which again made him struggle for money.

5. Sunmeet Kaur (Season 6) 

KBC also had a passion for people who would do anything to follow their careers. Case in point the season 6 winner, who also took home Rs 5 crore, Sunmeet wanted to continue designing fashion, which she was able to post on the show. Now she and a friend of hers have started her own company.

6. Taj Mohammed Rangrez (Season 7)

KBC 7 winner, Taj Mohammed, a professional teacher quite wisely used his win money Rs 1 crore. He used it to do eye treatment for his daughter. He also purchased a home and is believed to have supported two orphaned girls’ marriage.

7. Achin Narula And Sarthak Narula (Season 8)

Brothers based in Delhi tried to sit on the hot seat, very hard. The duo won the show ‘s highest sum of Rs 7 crore and used it for cancer care for their mother. With that money, they also started their own company.

8. Anamika Majumdar (Season 9) 

KBC ‘s 9th season saw Anamika Majumdar win the show and take home Rs 1 Crore. Anamika is a social worker and runs an NGO as well. After winning the competition, she said in one of the interviews that Anamika decided to invest this money into developing her NGO.

9. Binita Jain (Season 10) 

© Instagram/Binita Jain

She sat on the hot seat with a hope of making her son’s life better with a life that was total upside down for Binita Jain. Her winning helped her as a teacher in Guwahati to join a coaching centre and she used the money to support her children and family.

10. Sanoj Raj (Season 11)

Recently, Season 11 aired but this one, in particular, had multiple winners with Sanoj Raj becoming the first to take Rs 1 Crore home. Sanoj wants to be an official of the IAS someday, he added during the series.

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