Meet Lorraine Bright Aka Kiran Bhatt: Love Story Of Mahesh Bhatt And Pooja Bhatt’s Mom


Kiran Bhatt: Whether it’s because of his most recent trip to the Bigg Boss house or his romantic life, Mahesh Bhatt and controversy go hand in hand. However, the renowned director doesn’t appear to be affected by anything. Lorraine Bright was the first wife of Mahesh Bhatt.

Lorraine Bright, who later took the name, Kiran Bhatt, was the first woman in Mahesh Bhatt’s life. He met her for the first time at school. Lorraine was a Catholic who went to a Scottish orphanage in Bombay. Their connection swiftly turned into an affair, which led to Lorraine losing her academic standing.

Kiran Bhatt: Mahesh’s Childhood Sweetheart

“I would jump across the wall to meet her but, when we got caught, she had to leave the orphanage. I got her enrolled at the YWCA so that she could become a typist and fend for herself. All along, I kept working. I made ads for Dalda and Lifebuoy.”

When they were both 20 years old, they got married. She then made the decision to use the name, Kiran Bhatt. Mahesh and Pooja Bhatt welcomed their first kid when he was 21 years old.

The Extramarital Affair

Their relationship deteriorated as a result of Mahesh’s illicit involvement with Parveen Babi. Once, Mahesh Bhatt said,

“I was married to Kiran, had a child, and was responsible for both of them. Still, my physical self was drawn to another woman.”

Parveen was at the pinnacle of her career when Mahesh Bhatt first met her, having recently broken up with Kabir Bedi. She was going through a challenging moment. When the two started living together, he still hadn’t divorced Kiran. After two years, Parveen started having panic episodes and was reportedly given a paranoid schizophrenia diagnosis. He did everything he could to take care of her; he even flew her to the United States and relocated to Bengaluru with her. Their relationship lasted 2.5 years till Mahesh realised he couldn’t heal and save Parveen.

Mahesh Bhatt And Soni Razdan

“When I met Soni Razdan, it was like a replay in my life. Soni’s father asked me how I planned to end my ties with Kiran and I said, “with permanence”. But I would not divorce Kiran.”

He married Soni Razdan as a result of his conversion to his mother’s religion. Their daughters are Alia Bhatt and Shaheen Bhatt. But eventually, things improved. Once, Pooja Bhatt said:

“I grew up with a father who supposedly went on to marry somebody else and have another family. I do not feel that way. In fact, I was very moved one day. Soni and I were on a recce to Conoor, and she was sitting outside, and she said, ‘Pooja, I want to tell you I felt so guilty,’ and I said, ‘Soni, why do you need to feel guilty? You never broke any marriage up.’ That marriage was long dead.”

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