8 Makeup Trends It’s High Time to Finally Ditch


These and a lot more long-favored beauty looks are now being abandoned by smokey eyes, daring lipstick shades, or basic contouring. When people prefer to accept their own natural appearance, heavy makeup on the face becomes unnecessary. Although everyone gradually transitions to softer looks, it is more necessary than ever to make bold claims about cosmetics.

1. Dark lipstick

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For several years, various shades of dark lipsticks have been the favorites of ladies, but this pattern is being steadily replaced. These dramatic and bold lipsticks are being replaced by warmer shades like pink and peach. They deliver a natural look and are perfect for both regular occasions and special occasions.

2. Smokey eyes

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This eye makeup trend hasn’t lost its popularity since the 2010s. Originally achieved using black eye shadow, other colors and glitter were soon introduced into it by makeup lovers. But now the focus is on lighter and shimmering eye shadows. Once again, Technicolor lids take over and ensure that those who wear them look bold and exclusive.

3. Matte skin

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It is no longer important to ensure that every pore is thoroughly filled with foundation and powder. The face is left, much of the time, with a chalky mask-like appearance afterward. Today, individuals opt for bare skin appearances that require almost no makeup. They allow their faces to appear good, radiant, and completely natural, finished with the soft touch of a highlighter.

4. Clumpy lashes

Having spider lashes is an unwanted result when applying mascara, but Rihanna managed to turn this into a trend. Even though people mainly strive for overall natural appearances now, makeup enthusiasts keep experimenting with colors around their eyes. Colors like deep purple, blue, and green mascara are rapidly gaining in popularity.

5. Overlined lips

When it comes to having the fuller lip look that everyone is obsessed with, a lip liner is a simple choice. However, as more and more individuals aspire to accept their natural beauty, big lips have become less and less common. Dirty, blurred lips are fashionable at the moment because they are easy to recreate and can make anyone look innocent and gentle.

6. Foxy eyes

On social media recently, a slanted, upturned eye pattern began, and after many kept recreating it, this look faced a lot of backlashes. Because of this, graphic eyeliner is now taking over the stage. Colors such as white, blue, or yellow will help someone make a courageous statement and stand out from the crowd.

7. Contouring

Contouring was an important ritual for many beauty lovers, along with a heavy foundation. But this is becoming slowly redundant. Established cheekbones and unrealistically straight noses are no longer perceived as attractive. Alternatively, individuals try to highlight their own characteristic facial lines and imperfections instead.

8. Thin brows

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It seems like the time for small, precisely plucked eyebrows is also slowly dying out. Thick, brushed-up brows, meanwhile, are becoming more acceptable. If they are perfectly shaped, it’s not even important; the more genuine-looking, the better.

It seems that the age of precisely plucked thin eyebrows is also dying out slowly. Thick, brushed-up brows, meanwhile, are becoming more appropriate. If they are perfectly shaped, it is not even essential; the more genuine-looking, the better.

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