Malaika Arora Unfollows Arjun Kapoor’s Family Members Amid Breakup Rumours, Netizens React


Malaika Arora, a stunning actress in Bollywood, consistently captivates her fans with her impeccable fashion sense and captivating dance moves. Beyond her on-screen presence, Malaika’s personal life has also garnered attention. She was previously married to Arbaaz Khan, and their union in 1998 was followed by the birth of their son, Arhaan Khan, in 2002. However, after nearly two decades of marital happiness, the couple officially declared their separation in 2017, culminating in a divorce.

Subsequently, Malaika found companionship in the charismatic actor Arjun Kapoor. Their relationship has been characterized by public displays of affection and a fairy-tale narrative. Yet, recent speculation surrounding a potential breakup between the two has grown increasingly robust, casting uncertainty over the future of their romance.

Amid swirling breakup rumours with Arjun Kapoor, Malaika Arora has allegedly taken the step of unfollowing members of Arjun’s family on social media.

In recent days, Malaika Arora’s Instagram stories have featured motivational quotes, capturing the attention of online users who began speculating about the state of her relationship with Arjun Kapoor. This speculation intensified as reports surfaced that Malaika had unfollowed members of Arjun’s family on social media platforms, further stoking the flames of rumour. A screenshot of Malaika’s post, which contained a quote about inner strength, was shared on a Reddit thread. The user also highlighted Malaika’s decision to unfollow Arjun’s sisters, Janhvi Kapoor, Anshula Kapoor, and Khushi Kapoor. The Reddit user’s caption shed light on this unfolding situation.

“Malaika insta story, she unfollowed janhvi, khushi, anshula and boney. Still follows Arjun. Doesn’t follow Khusha. Looks like a family disapproval.”

Netizens’ reaction to Malaika Arora unfollowing Arjun’s family members

Once the screenshot was posted on the Reddit discussion platform, it triggered a flurry of responses from netizens in the comment section. In reaction to the image, some users noted that Malaika had never followed Janhvi Kapoor previously. Others pointed out that Arjun’s sister, Anshula, was part of Malaika’s list of followers until recently, which led to her being unfollowed.

A comment regarding the situation reads, “She unfollowed Anshula.. so that is definitely confirmation enough! Anshula never had regard for Malla; she even stopped Arjun from getting an apartment in Malla’s building. Malla was never following Boney. Has she unfollowed Sonam and Rhea?” Responding to this, another user added, “Anshula, Rhea, and Sonam still follow Malaika but Malaika follows Sonam and Rhea only. Anshula and Malaika used to wish each other on birthdays before. Then some issue between Anshula and Malaika, I guess is the reason and it’s definitely a big enough reason for Arjun.” Several netizens also pointed out that Malaika had previously followed Kusha Kapila, but she too has been unfollowed.

The speculation about a breakup between Arjun and Malaika began making headlines.

Arjun Kapoor created a buzz on August 17, 2023, when he shared a mysterious post on his Instagram account. The post showed him enjoying a solo trip, leading to speculations about a possible breakup with Malaika. This unexpected solo vacation raised eyebrows among netizens, especially since Arjun and Malaika had previously shared affectionate pictures together on social media.

During the period when breakup rumours were circulating about Arjun and Malaika, a segment of netizens began speculating that Arjun might be dating well-known influencer Kusha Kapila. However, these speculations were promptly addressed by Kusha herself, who clarified the situation on her Instagram broadcast channel.