Man Donates Kidney To Woman He Loves, Later Proposed Her For Marriage, Gets Rejected


One very wise person once said, “Love makes you do insane things, and this is true indeed. Imagine you are doing something big for the person you love to save their lives, and when you show your love they turn you away. That’ll break your heart into a million bits, right?

Oh, but even after going through the exact scenario, the brave man named Simon Louis always had the confidence to smile. Simon Louis donates his kidney to the woman he loves to save her life, and later when he offers to marry her she refuses him because she doesn’t want to ruin the relationship.

It all started when Simon Louis and Mary Emmanuelle first met in a club in London in the mid-’90s. The two really hit it off and then even shared a kiss. Yet nothing ever happened afterwards and they just remained friends. Simon was crushing on Mary already and would finally give her chocolates and roses which she embraced as friends only. Back then, Mary was busy looking after her 8-year-old son Dwayne and had little time for anything else.

Years later Mary broke down at school. That was discovered by her then 21-year-old son. She was admitted to the hospital immediately, and later the news came that she is suffering from end-stage kidney failure and that only a kidney transplant will save her. But the bad news was her unusual time in blood, B-negative that’s very hard to find.

Then Simon Louis came to the rescue and proposed getting his eligibility as a donor checked. Thankfully it was a draw. He donates her kidney and they both underwent surgery and completed the Kidney transplant process successfully. Soon after this, Louis proposed that she marry him. But sadly Mary declined his proposal for marriage because she only thinks of him as a friend.

Despite the rejection of her proposal, Louis says he doesn’t regret a thing. He said, “I gave my heart to her but I had to decide to give her my kidney. That way, I will never regret giving her the gift of life.