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Manoj Muntashir Wife: With the continuing “Adipurush” dispute, Manoj Muntashir, also known as Manoj Shukla, has gained notoriety in the online world. There has been a lot of discussion over his position in the film on social media, with a focus on the discussions that have received criticism from fans. Therefore, in this essay, we will discover more about Manoj Muntashir’s wife. Additionally, we’ll discuss their recent viral news in this post. Continue reading the article to find out more.

Manoj Muntashir Wife – Neelam Muntashir


In reaction to public criticism, Manoj Muntashir and the Adipurush team have decided to alter certain aspects of the contentious talks. Despite his efforts, netizens continue to be critical of him and express their unhappiness. Many internet users have been investigating Manoj Muntashir’s past online activity during all of this, finding older tweets and posts that appear to illustrate his propensity for communist beliefs and his rejection of the hardline Hindu emotions that have recently gained popularity in India. It’s intriguing to note that Manoj Muntashir isn’t the sole target of criticism. His wife, Neelam Muntashir, has received the same criticism.

Who is Neelam Muntashir?


She has been accused of protecting Islamist journalists like Rana Ayyub and advocating communist beliefs, as evidenced by the extensive posting of purportedly old screenshots. His wife, Neelam Muntashir, has consequently become a popular topic of discussion lately as a result of people’s curiosity about her. Manoj Muntashir’s wife, Neelam, is well-known for being his famous lyricist husband. She has gained notoriety as a result of strong criticism and claims that she backs communist ideology and Islamist journalists. Neelam Shukla is another name for her. She was raised a Hindu and was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra. According to her Facebook profile, she attended the University of Mumbai.

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