Mia Khalifa Says ‘Don’t Expect Your Wife To Do What Adult Stars do’


Men shouldn’t expect their partners to act like ad*lt film stars in the bedroom, according to Mia Khalifa.

In a freshly discovered interview, Khalifa appeared on BBC’s HARDtalk and spoke with Stephen Sackur about the ad*lt film industry. “Everyone watches p***,” the influencer, who was 26 at the time, added.


The things that men see in the videos and demand from the ladies in their lives are not reality, and it has an impact on relationships. P*** addiction is also fairly common.

“Nobody is going to commit those crimes on a Wednesday night in front of their loved ones,”

“I wanted to do p*** as my dirty little secret, but it blasted up in my face,” Khalifa continued.


It was frightful, In two months after appearing in his first ad*lt movie in October 2014, Khalifa had amassed the most viewers on P***hub.

Her choice of profession sparked debate in the Middle East, particularly after she was seen wearing a hijab in a video. The media celebrity from Lebanon discussed how this influenced her life in the interview.

“I verbatim told them they were going to get me killed,” she said to Sackur. “I was terrified. I was still afraid even though I knew that if I refused, they wouldn’t compel me to do it because it was r***. “I felt frightened and intimidated.”

Khalifa continued by stating that she later witnessed her Lebanese family start to separate themselves from her, which made her feel even more “alienated and alone.”

Nobody instructed her or warned her that what she was doing was wrong, she claimed. “My family rejected me when they learned what I was doing since they had no idea what I was doing.”

I’ve recently come to the realisation that some mistakes are unforgivable, but time mends all wounds, and things are improving now, she continued.


Many people commended Khalifa for being so upfront and honest on social media after the interview aired.

“I’m very glad this got posted,” one person wrote. The p*** business is abhorrent. I respect Mia for standing up against this vile industry and for not letting this break her. I’m grateful.

“Bravo to her for speaking out. We need more honesty in the industry,” added another. “Consumers are a big part of the problem. Why keep demand for a product that does so much harm?”

Khalifa stated that she has now become an influencer in the interview, and it would seem that she has been effective because she has an astounding 27 million Instagram followers.

She can be seen browsing through a photo album in her most recent upload, which has the following caption: “Cried me to sleep every night this week from overwhelming delight. I can’t believe what we accomplished and what we’re about to reveal to you. f***, this is satisfying.

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