12 Moments From SRK’s Episode On ‘Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai’ That Prove He’s Bollywood’s Badshah


Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai was one of the few chat shows where we’re able to share celebrity life without sensationalising it for viewers or television rating points (TRPs). Each episode of Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai was a joy to watch since it gave us a deep look into the life of our favourite celebs.

But the episode with Shah Rukh Khan as a guest is without a doubt one of the most enduring and entertaining of the series. Here are some of the episode’s most memorable scenes:

1. When Shah Rukh Khan discussed how one of his earliest directors, Aziz Mirza (who cast Shah Rukh in four out of his five films), assisted in setting up a special screening of the premiere episode of the show Circus for his mother. At the time, she was terminally ill and on her deathbed.

Aziz told Shah Rukh’s mother that he would one day be a huge star. 

Don’t worry, he’ll become an actor, he’ll become a famous actor. One day he’ll be like Dilip Kumar. 

2. When Shah Rukh expressed gratitude to Juhi Chawla, Vivek Vaswani, and Aziz Mirza, his first director and producer, for their assistance when he was just beginning out.

There are 3-4 families in Bombay, because of whom I found a family. I am from Delhi and I lost my parents, and these 3 are the most responsible for me feeling, I could become an actor. I’ve eaten their food, I’ve slept in their houses… this is the family that gave a ‘brown, scrawny guy’ a break. 

3. When he discussed the “C-Gang,” the school gang he and his colleagues started after viewing movies like Grease He described how they would all wear grey Nike sneakers and create the letter “C” on their Maruti 800 by halving the zero.

4. When his buddies revealed how Shah Rukh Khan played a practical joke on his instructor by pretending to have an epileptic fit in order to skip class with his mates.

5. According to Brother D’Souza, Shah Rukh’s former school headmaster, when he inquired about his mother’s opinion of him being an actor (without any connections), she responded with confidence, “If my Shah Rukh says it’ll happen, it will happen.”

Brother D’Souza is the only man in the world that Shah Rukh said he looks up to and who he describes as the “guiding light” in his life. Brother D’Souza is the lone idol in Shah Rukh’s eyes.

6. When Shah Rukh Khan’s wife Gauri’s pals revealed their initial impressions of him and divulged his secrets. For instance, he taught one of their economics, devised a ballet for them, and courted not only Gauri but also her family.

7. When speaking about Shah Rukh Khan, Gauri’s father said the following:

Badi muddat se hota deedawar paida… he’s one of them. 

8. When they first met, renowned theatre director and educator Barry John believed Shah Rukh Khan was a vocalist rather than a dancer or actor. Shah Rukh should receive all of the credit for his accomplishment, he said.

9. The paan shop owner recalled that when Shah Rukh paid him a visit when he was younger, Shah Rukh urged him to refer to him as Khan bhai rather than Maalik or Sahab.

10. When Benny Thomas, a close friend of Shah Rukh, provided insight into the actor’s aspirational ambition.

11. When Col. Raj Kumaar Kapoor, the show’s director who made Shah Rukh a household name with Fauji, discussed how he got the commando part. Col. Kapoor led all the applicants on a run; Shah Rukh kept going while the other half fled.

Col. Kapoor even described how he perfected a stunt involving a somersault and diving in a single attempt. It was actually by coincidence that Shah Rukh learned about the audition when his mother informed Col. Kapoor’s son-in-law that he was an actor.

12. When Brother D’Souza genuinely showed up on the scene and gave an example of Shah Rukh Khan.

He is an excellent example of a person who knows how to push his bounds and complete the task at hand, in my opinion as a teacher.

You can see the entire episode here: 

All images are screenshots from the episode on YouTube.