Mrunal Thakur Says She’s Afraid To Put Pictures On Social Media, Gives Sarcastic Reply To Trolls


We can nearly see what a person does in a day through their posts or tales on social media, considering its prevalence in our lives. Internet users frequently express their opinions on anything that doesn’t fit them and frequently do so in an insensitive way.

Mrunal Thakur Sita Ramam Saree

These frequently make public figures hesitant to upload an unconventional photos. A few people didn’t take Mrunal Thakur’s recent Instagram post well, despite the fact that most people were awestruck by the beach photos.

Mrunal Thakur has had a notable evolution on the professional front

Mrunal claims to be aware of the character’s demands. From brief stints in the television sector to successful roles in movies. Her most recent commercial success was Sita Ramam (2022), a romance drama in Telugu. Her own development has been as impressive.

Mrunal thakur sita rama hd images

She said,

“[Earlier], I said no to a lot of films because they had kissing scenes and romantically-inclined sequences. I don’t regret that decision, but at that time, I used to find it inappropriate. Today, I understand it’s the demand of the character. For instance, if my character is a bad girl, I have to play it convincingly. That’s my job”

She has become more self-assured as a person and as an artist as a result of realising that she must act in accordance with the persona assigned, whether it be good or evil. Unfortunately, some viewers are still unable to distinguish between a fictional figure appearing on film and the actor portraying that role.

Mrunal Thakur In Sita Ramam

Mrunal Thakur confessed that she is afraid to put pictures on social media

Thakur recently posted beach photos on Instagram where she was seen sporting a vivid blue bikini and received trolls for it.

Sarcastic response to trolls over her bikini pictures

Thakur chose sarcasm as her weapon to hit back at them. She laughed and said,

“What do I do? I have made my peace with it. Next time, I promise all those people that I will wear a saree and swim. In fact, I was wearing a saree, and it came [undone] while I was swimming. I am so sorry that the saree came [undone]. That should have been my caption”

The drawback of being a public person is having to deal with the audience’s insensitivity. Additionally, they help one realise that viewers can be critical and can force an actor to revert to the worries they had worked so hard to conquer.

She said,

“I am so afraid to put up a picture because no matter whether I am covered or not, people will morph it. We are all victims of that. It’s disheartening, but at the same time, I will not stop living my life. People should be a little sensitive because we are doing our job”

Thankfully, Mrunal chooses to march to her own beat.