TV Actress Reply To Trolls About Her 21 Years Age Gap With Husband, Says, ‘Haa Main Hu Ek Gold Digger’


Madhvendra and Snehal Rai: The adage, “Love is blind,” suggests that affection is above social norms and assessments. The proverb has a more nuanced meaning, though, when it comes to renowned relationships.

Although it’s true that love can overcome social barriers, celebrities frequently encounter criticism for their marriages and relationships. They frequently receive harsh criticism for their personal life, notably their choices in marriage. Snehal Rai, a television actress, has come under fire during the most recent controversy wave. Naturally, it’s all because of the life partner she chose.

Snehal Rai

Madhvendra and Snehal Rai’s First Meeting

When she was the presenter and he was the special guest at the performance in Delhi, Madhvendra and Snehal Rai first met. She has since made several notable television appearances, including those in Perfect Pati, Vish, Ishq Ka Rang Safed, and Janmo Ka Bandhan.

Snehal Rai remains unrepentant about her connection with Madhvendra Rai in spite of the constant teasing and controversy surrounding her marriage. Their unshakable bond provides living evidence that love is not confined by the expectations or rules of society.

Snehal Rai shares a picture with her husband On Her Social Media

Despite the haters, Snehal posted a picture of her beloved hubby on Instagram along with an inspirational caption. She penned,

“My Man! Swabhav aur samay ke saamne paise ka koi parichey nahi hota… Nadaan yeh kabhi nahi samajh payenge.”

Various responses to her post were seen on social media. Others wish them a long and happy marriage while many continue to make fun of her.

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Snehal Rai Husband NameMadhvendra Rai

Snehal Rai’s 21 Years Age Between Her Husband Madhvendra Rai stirs controversy

Due to her marriage to politician Madhvendra Rai, who hails from the state of Uttar Pradesh, Snehal Rai has once again found herself in the spotlight. Snehal’s hubby is noticeably 21 years older than she is. Snehal has been married for almost ten years, but internet trolls still criticise and harass her.

snehal rai ,Madhvendra Rai, marriage, age gap, trolls, birthplace

Snehal addressed the criticism of her age gap in a recent interview. She also addressed the criticism that she was a “gold digger.” Snehal asserted angrily,

“Jitne bhi log mujhe meri shaadi ko lekar troll kar rahe hai main unhe sirf ek hi baat kehna chahti hoon. Haa main hu ek gold digger, kyoonki mere pati ka dil 24-carat gold ka hain.” (To all the people who are trolling me for my marriage, I just want to say one thing to them. Yes I am a gold digger because my husband’s heart is of 24 karat gold).”

snehal rai ,Madhvendra Rai, marriage, age gap, trolls, birthplace
Snehal Rai’s Husband Age

Snehal Rai’s Husband Age

Snehal Rai’s husband’s age is 53 years as of 2023. Madhvendra Rai’s Birthplace is Kundesar village, Ghazipur district, Uttar Pradesh.

Snehal Rai Age

Snehal Rai’s Age is 35 years as of 2023.

snehal rai ,Madhvendra Rai, marriage, age gap, trolls, birthplace
Snehal Rai Age

Snehal Rai just escaped a car accident on the Mumbai-Pune motorway. She reportedly hit a truck travelling too quickly while on the road towards Pune. Fortunately, Snehal and her driver were both pulled from the wreckage unharmed. She shared a picture of her totalled car on her official Instagram page. She also let her supporters know that neither she nor her driver had suffered any injuries.

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