Neeraj Chopra, Harnaaz Sandhu & Other Indians Who Made Us Proud In 2021


Aside from the devastating Covid-19 outbreak, it was a pretty good year for India as a whole.

And it was down to a select individuals who defied all difficulties to make a name for themselves on a worldwide scale while also making India proud of them.

Here are a few examples:

Neeraj Chopra

© Reuters

He qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics after putting in a lot of effort on the training ground.

And, at a time when India desperately needed gold, Neeraj used all of his power to bring home a prized Gold Olympic medal in the Javelin Throw, ensuring that his name would be eternally etched in the country’s history books.

Since then, the 24-year-old has grown in popularity as a sports figure.

Harnaaz Sandhu

© Instagram/Harnaaz Sandhu

India succeeded not only in athletics, but in a variety of other sectors as well.

Harnaaz Sandhu, India’s Punjabi Kudi, won the coveted Miss Universe title, making the country proud.

She was able to return the crown to her homeland after nearly two decades. Harnaaz has been the talk of the town since then, and according to speculations, she will make her Bollywood debut in a few years.

Parag Agrawal

© Twitter

Now, India is well-known for its technological prowess in this field.

No one thought, however, that Twitter, one of the world’s most popular social networking services, would also be led by an Indian.

Parag Agrawal, an Indian-American, mastered the task of replacing Jack Dorsey as Twitter’s CEO, and boy! Wasn’t that an accomplishment?

Ashok Elluswamy

© YouTube

Tesla is obviously one of the world’s premier carmakers, thanks to its cutting-edge technology and billionaire founder Elon Musk.

Now that you’ve seen Elon Musk’s vision for the world, you can only conclude that Telsa is one corporation that would think twice about hiring someone.

It appears that Ashok Elluswamy is the person in question. Elon Musk chose Ashok, who revealed that the Indian was employed for Tesla’s Autopilot team as a result of a tweet he made.

Since joining in 2015, Ashok has risen through the ranks to become the team’s leader, making him one of the few Indians to hold a high-ranking position at a leading international software firm.

This is something India should be proud of, as its inhabitants are solidifying their positions as the best.