Not Many Know The Names Of These Popular Actors


Actors changing their names is a common occurrence in Bollywood. Actors’ names might be changed for a variety of reasons. Some performers believe that their names are too common or odd for them to become well-known, so they modify them in the hopes of becoming well-known and having a simple household name.

While the aforementioned reason is the most common cause for performers to change their names, it is far from the only one. Another common motivation for an actor changing their name is a superstitious notion that doing so will bring them more luck in the film industry. These actors frequently change their names with the help of some astrologer.

The list of Bollywood actors who changed their names after entering the industry is fascinating.

1. Vivekanand Oberoi – Vivek Oberoi


Vivekanand Oberoi was Vivek Oberoi’s real name. Vivek Oberoi said in an interview that the main reason for changing his name from Vivekanand Oberoi to Vivek Oberoi was because he didn’t want to desecrate the name Vivekanand by portraying amorous and criminal parts in the film.

Vivek had two options: refuse all responsibilities that he considered were harmful to Swami Vivekanand’s ideals or alter his name. He chose the second option.

2. Vishal Devgn – Ajay Devgn


In the film industry, Ajay Devgan had to change his name twice. His given name was Vishal Devgan, but he shared it with a number of other Bollywood actors, notably Vishal Goswami, the son of Manoj Kumar. Ajay Devgan afterwards changed his name again.

His excuse for changing his name this time was less than convincing. Due to family pressure, he had to alter his name from Ajay Devgan to Ajay Devgn. His family was convinced after meeting a numerologist that the name Ajay Devgn would help him become more successful.

3. Nishant Khurrana – Ayushmann Khurrana


Nishant Khurana was Ayushman Khurana’s first name. In his life, he has changed his name twice. He changed his name from Nishant Khurrana to Ayushman Khurana, then from Ayushman Khurana to Ayushmann Khurrana.

The fact that Ayushmann Khurrana’s father is an astrologer may have influenced his game-changing decision.

4. Vijay Singh Deol – Bobby Deol


Bobby Deol’s real name was Vijay Singh Deol, which just a few people are aware of. The actor’s nickname was Bobby. Later, the actor decided that Bobby was a better fit for his film acting profession than his previous name, Vijay Singh, and changed his name accordingly.

5. Jai Kishan Kakubhai Shroff – Jackie Shroff


Jackie Shroff’s first name was Jai Kishan Kakubhai Shroff. He decided to go by the considerably shorter name Jackie Shroff because he feared his huge name would be too much for people to handle. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to equate his persona with anyone other than Jackie Shroff.

6. Suyash Pandey – Chunky Pandey


Suyash Panday is Chunkey Pandey’s true name. He changed his name just before the premiere of his debut Bollywood film, believing that his new name would be more suited for a successful acting career. Chunkey Pandey has acted in a number of Bollywood films and is best known for portraying spaghetti in the Housefull franchise.

7. Krishna Kumar Menon – Kay Kay Menon


Krishna Kumar Menon was Kay Kay Menon’s first name. When he originally changed his name, he even left out Menon. He did, however, eventually opt to incorporate Menon in his new name.

8. John Prakash Rao Janumala – Johnny Lever


John Prakash Rao Janumala was Johnny Lever’s given name. After executing a spectacular stand-up routine at a special party for Hindustan Lever, where he was employed at the time, he changed his name to Johnny Lever.

9. Ajay Singh Deol – Sunny Deol


Sunny Deol, like his brother Bobby Deol, did not have an original name. Ajay Singh Deol was Sunny Deol’s true name. The actor’s nickname was Sunny, which he later decided was more appropriate for a successful acting career.

10. Jai Hemant Shroff – Tiger Shroff


Jai Hemant Shroff was Tiger Shroff’s true name. This was his school name, and Tiger was his family nickname. Tiger Shroff explained that he got his moniker Tiger because he used to bite people when he was younger.

11. Kumudlal Ganguly – Ashok Kumar


Ashok Kumar, often known as Dadamoni in the cinema industry, was a great actor. His given name was Kumudlal Ganguly, but he thought it was far too humorous for a successful acting career. So he changed his name from Kumudlal Ganguly to Ashok Kumar after some consideration.

12. Vishwanath Patekar – Nana Patekar


Vishwanath Patekar was Nana Patekar’s first name. Who’d have predicted that a name like Nana Patekar would become so popular in the Bollywood film industry? The actor had a difficult time changing his name from Vishwanath Patekar to Nana Patekar.

Nana Patekar was well aware that choosing such an uncommon name for himself was a major risk. Fortunately, Nana Patekar’s career has gone well, and his name is now well-known in Indian cinema.

13. Anil Kapoor – Annu Kapoor


Anil Kapoor was the actor Annu Kapoor’s true name. The existence of another Anil Kapoor who was already well renowned in Bollywood was the main reason for changing his name from Anil to Anu Kapoor. Another lesser-known reason for altering his name was to avoid confusion with another Anil Kapoor who was collaborating with him on the film Tezaab.