Real Story Of The Girl Featured On Parle-G Wrapper!


Since infancy, we have been enjoying the Parle-G biscuits. Not just us, but even our parents grew up eating the same. In the course of time, a lot changed. At one time the Parle-G package was the most popular biscuit in the world. While Parle had launched several items on the market then, with the original Parle-G it did not make any changes. This biscuit is associated with the memories of the last 2 generations.

So let’s take a look at Parle-G Wrapper’s real story of the kid!

The Parle-G biscuit continues to be as popular as ever. It is the world’s bestselling biscuit, according to a survey conducted by Nielsen in 2011. A problem arises in our minds every time we see its cover. The problem is who the boy on the biscuit package is? More important than that, the question is where is this child and what is she doing right now?

There’s been plenty of debate about the kid featured on this biscuit’s cover. Three women were reportedly featured on the cover. Let’s speak in depth about this issue, first let us know when the little girl first appeared on the cover.

A Chauhan family residing in Vile Parle, Mumbai, started a business named Parle in 1929. Just confectionery, in the beginning, meant selling such items as coffee, pastry and cookies. But there was competition in the biscuit industry. And British firms had been serving it. Parle started selling biscuits in India from 1939 and continued selling them.

It derived from the name ‘ Parle Gluco ‘ biscuits until 1980. She later changed her name to’ Parle-G.’ Over time, it was changed to’ Genius’ by the’ G’ that used to learn glucose. Interestingly, the photo featured on the cover has changed too. There were a cow and’ Gwalan’ on the cover earlier but it was replaced on the cover by a pretty cute girl. That was the promotional strategy for the product.

The wrapper colour, right from the start, is white and yellow. But a lot of controversies has been going on about the child is on the wrapper. Three women have claimed to be this girl, called Neeru Deshpande, Sudha Murthy (wife of IT industrialist Narayan Murthy) and Gunjan Gandania. But Neeru Deshpande is known as the kid in the newspapers.

The story behind Neeru’s photo is that his father had taken this photo when she was four and a half years old. He was not a talented photographer but it amazed everyone who saw the video. And a guy who had power with the Parle people got the picture into the hands. This meant that Neeru was featured on the Parle box. Neeru has now turned into a woman 62 years old, however.

There’s also a misconception connected with this news and it’s that the woman’s name that appears on Parle-G’s packet is Neeru Deshpande in many locations. But the cover photo is from Sudha Murthy. Sudha Murthy is the wife of Narayan Murthy, founder of Infosys. I don’t know how long to take a picture. But it’s also true that the photo of Neeru is no place to be found, as there is a Sudha photo everywhere.

In addition to all these stuff and rumours, product manager Mayur Jain of Parle says this isn’t a picture of any actual person, but it’s just an image.

In the sixties, it was created by an artist named Maganlal Daiya. It is just a graphic that Everest Creatives created.