26 Times People Got Roasted Crazily Everyone Can Feel The Burn


Roasting someone might be considered an art form. The word “roast” conjures up images of fire, but it’s also associated with insults for laughs on the internet. We (humans) are now more public than ever in the age of social media platforms, and Twitter, including Reddit, is at the forefront of it all. These platforms were meant to link individuals from all areas of life, and the result has been some plain amusing conversations throughout the years.

It’s unavoidable to be surprised and impressed by people’s answers, whether you’re the one hurling roasts online or not. While naming or compiling all of the bizarre people can be a difficult process, there appear to be a few that stick out. Here’s a list of 26 hilarious occasions people were completely roasted online, ranging from a daughter roasting her father for Father’s Day to kitten species dubbed Adam Driver. We can’t agree more that the internet is a nasty place. Please have a look and enjoy!

Yes, we would have had no idea who’s birthday it was.

Joe Pellatt

People… why are we so embarrassing?

king_evans27 -Via

Grown Ups 3 maybe?”

OwODose -Via

“This tweet had a good ratio, but the answers hidden by the OP were even better.”

h_unt -Via

“He is going to need some ice, ice baby for that burn.”

chevesydolor -Via

“Getting roasted by urban dictionary.”

N006master69 -Via

“Return to sender.”

BrokenSwordGYT -Via

“Only a few shekels.”

LaMinkiaJuice -Via

Roasting a whole generation.

ItsDanSheehan -Via

Billie Eilish’s distinctive baggy outfits are being roasted.


“Uh, huh. Yea. Keep going.”

galacticidiots -Via

“I gave my class a “learning assessment,” and one of the students burned me.”

blr126 -Via

“This youngster has a bright future as a roaster.”

Depressed_Maniac -Via

“Twins! Or is it triplets?”

miikataughtme -Via

At least that’s not how he looks like.

PingusDeathMachine -Via

I love this woman.

astroboots -Via

“It reminds me of when I used to go to the gym.”

X_Succ -Via

I’m not taking your fashion suggestions.

CJR3 -Via

“Seriously, it appears to be that way.”

Memphis_Gaming -Via

Mark Wahlberg was also mocked mercilessly.

Bosslogic -Via

“For Father’s Day, my daughter roasted me. I couldn’t be happier.”

magnus_ubergasm -Via

“On Adam Levine’s tattoos.”

19jannew -Via

“So sorry, Jimmy.”

BinBag041 -Via

“I’m never going to wear this again.”

Joe_Black03 -Via

“To be fair, they do resemble each other.”

Bambuslover222 -Via