Actors Who Masterfully Played Opposite Genders, Check out


Actors may do a lot to get a role: change their appearance entirely, shave their heads, slim down, gain weight, and even alter their gender.

Actors Who Masterfully Played Opposite Genders, Check out

Angelina Jolie

Salt, 2010

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Jolie played the part of Evelyn Salt, a CIA officer accused of having worked for Russian intelligence. The female officer has to turn into a man, according to the storey. To make such a plausible transformation, Angelina Jolie had to spend several hours in the dressing room.

Gael García Bernal

La mala educación, 2004

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Gael García Bernal plays a transvestite in this dramatic film by Pedro Almodóvar, a masterpiece of Spanish cinema. In Bernal’s career, focusing on the female image became a new experience.

Eddie Redmayne

The Danish Girl, 2015

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The drama takes place in the 1920s and tells the storey of Einar Wegener, an artist who posed as a woman for his wife. Eventually, Einar discovers he does not want to be a male anymore and agrees to undergo the first sex-change operation in the world. In both positions, Eddie Redmayne was fantastic, and the world’s first transgender film turned out to be strong, philosophical, and lyrical.

Cillian Murphy

Breakfast on Pluto, 2005

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One of the most popular and nuanced works of Cillian Murphy’s career is Breakfast on Pluto. The role of the actor goes from an androgynous adolescent to a glamorous blonde.

Adam Sandler

Jack & Jill, 2011

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Adam Sandler played an employee of an advertising agency (Jack) as well as his mad sister (Jill) in the Jack and Jill comedy. Jill comes to Jack to see him, turning his world upside down. The actor won two Golden Raspberry Awards for the worst male and female roles for his performance in this movie.

Elle Fanning

3 Generations, 2015

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A girl willing to change sex was played by Elle Fanning. Those closest to the girl (Naomi Watts and Susan Sarandon) are unable to acknowledge that she chooses to become a child.

Robin Williams

Mrs Doubtfire, 1993

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Mrs Doubtfire is familiar to all of us and enjoyed by everyone. And the image of an elderly Mrs Doubtfire, used by the character of Williams to be hired by his ex-wife as a nanny to see his children every day, can only bring a smile.

Amanda Bynes

She’s the Man, 2006

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This comedy is a free adaptation of the Twelfth Night script, and it shows how hard it is to be two people at the same time. Viola and her twin brother, Sebastian, were played by Amanda. Amanda’s character wants to teach a lesson to her ex-boyfriend and shows that soccer isn’t just the game of a guy.