20 People Who Blossomed Into Their Full Glory at Age 30


It may be difficult to make the transition from childhood to adulthood. Many people go through significant changes when they grow up, and we all know this because we’ve all been through something similar in some way. Some individuals, on the other hand, have undergone a metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the visual evidence they shared with the rest of us.

1. “13 at a renaissance fair vs 30. No makeup or I’d be cheating. I no longer write in my diary that I’m ugly because of my natural redhead features.”

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2. ” (21-30) I met a girl at a college party 8 years ago who would later become my girlfriend after reconnecting with her on Instagram 6 months ago. The photo on the left is the only proof we have of what happened that night. Right was in September at a friend’s wedding. Better hairstyle options are now available!”

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3. “From 11 to 30… Braces served me well.”

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4. “Me, early-20s-looking troll man to more normal-looking dude in his 30s”

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5. “Age 12 —> Age 30. I used the pain from being teased to change my life. I wish I could have forehead surgery. 😣😢😂”

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6. “From 20 to 30 years old. Always as much of a nerd as ever, but with a little more self-assurance!”

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7. “16/17 to 29/30”

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8. “I’m getting a lot of positive vibes.”

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9. “From 8 to 30 Mom, thank you for the haircut.”

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10. “In 2001, I went from an awkward sixth-grade fat boy to a really satisfied and liberated 30-year-old in 2020.”

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11. “13-23-33. Only took me 30 years to glow up.”

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12. “Pics from my first passport when I was 18 years old and one of my first modeling shoots in my 30s”

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13. “From 12 to 30, my body and style have evolved, but I still listen to an embarrassing amount of Brand New.”

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14. “From 17 to 28. Some of us don’t reach puberty before we’re almost thirty.”

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15. “13-30. Middle school was rough…”

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16. “At 29 years old, I weighed over 250 pounds when I graduated from college. I started hiking, watching what I ate, and working out. Now that I’m 35, I’ve lost 30 pounds, discovered my personal style, and had my acne under control. I’m in better shape than I was in my twenties. “It’s never too late to get better.”

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17. “A tale about wearing contacts and clothing that really match from 10 to 30!”

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18. “20 —> 30. 10 years makes a lot of difference. I still don’t put much time into hair care, but I finally figured out how to make it work for me.”

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19. “From 7 to 30… Took me about 18 years to outrun that haircut.”

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20. “13 to 30 years old” At the age of 18, I had an ex tell me that I wasn’t pretty enough to model. I set out to disprove him. Now I’ve been published all over the world. Never let someone tell you that you can’t do anything because you can!”

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And how did you make the transition from puberty to adulthood?

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