24 Striking Photos That Show a Generation Gap at Its Best


Ivan Turgenev, a Russian novelist, was one of the first to speak out publicly about the generation gap. There hasn’t been any improvement since then. Furthermore, as the technological change began to accelerate, citizens with just a 2-year age gap seemed to be living in separate worlds. Try showing a modern adolescent a tape-recorder cassette and asking them what it is. All you’ll have to do is sit back and watch them make easy guesses.

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Every generation has its own distinct style of carelessness when it comes to appearances.

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“My niece asked me what one of these was.”

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Generation Z vs CD jewel case

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“Today’s 13-year-olds vs. me when I was 13”

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“At Starbucks, I came across this scenario that piqued my interest…”

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“But…you have real ping-pong!”

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They used to be just two tin cans with a string between them.

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Older generations know how to spend free time correctly.

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Jurassic Park (1993) vs Jurassic World (2015)

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The younger one seems to be engrossed in a game of Minecraft.

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“When my 16-year-old cousin inquired about these, I simply told her that they were first-generation USBs.”

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“That’s my 12-year-old sister and me at the same age.”

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“One of the children I babysit today asked, ‘What is this lever for?’ I had to clarify why it raises and lowers the windows.”

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“On the train, a little kid approached me and asked what this was. My heart breaks for children all over the world.”

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It’s good he knows who Britney Spears is.

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“Me going to a party at 14 vs. my sister going to a party at 14”

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2 generations ignoring each other at the mall

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Ah, those awkward questions from kids!

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“My Motorola RAZR is now in a museum…damn, I’m getting old!”

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“This is what my 18-year-old brother just asked me.”

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“Me when I was 13 vs 13-year-olds now”

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Do you remember these bands?

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Today’s kids will never know what it’s like to have to create their own ankle socks.

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Bonus: “I’m sick of those obnoxious millennials and their devices!”

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