12 People Who Make the World Brighter With Their Uniqueness


Some people are just so unique that they stand out from the crowd without even trying, whether it’s a newborn born with 12 toes and 12 fingers or a girl with elf-like ears. It’s almost as if Mother Nature was having a bit of a creative moment when she made them.

“It appears that my new nephew has twelve toes and twelve fingers.”

© titaniumuina**t / Reddit

“I was born with a ring finger that was too short for me. It appears that I have two pinkies.”

© pduff1382 / Reddit

“I was born with a variety of brow and eyelash colours.”

© rasta_banana / Reddit

“I adore my vitiligo; be proud of your uniqueness!”

© pip_squeak3 / Reddit

“I was born with a pointed ear that gave me the appearance of being an elf.”

© Blixtx / Reddit

“Under a black light, I have freckles that are only visible.”

© Ducknana / Reddit

“On her left foot, my acquaintance was born with only four toes.”

© YouKnow_Pause / Reddit

The 14-year-old girl on the left.

© Well-done-101 / Reddit

“When I braid my hair, it looks like this because I have a patch of vitiligo on the back of my head, right in the middle.”

© iregretthemilk / Reddit

Packed in a 4’2′′ entertaining size.

© CraftyDrink7927 / Reddit

I’m missing one of my toe nails.

© highroller727 / Reddit

“My nephew had a full head of hair when he was born.”

© Khaleeasi24 / Reddit

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