People Who Realized They Knew Or Dated Celebs Before They Were Famous


Being friends with famous people will make us feel happy, whether it’s on the TV screen or on social media apps like Snap or Instagram. I know, being next to an Instagram fan. These people below even feel the same way and some might even say, “I was watching my ex for his Oscar trophy walk up the stairs.”

Well, it goes from being proud to be very odd and nothing is spared by the entertainment industry to reveal something personal about their lives. That said, when you were just 10, nobody seemed to be interested in your mother who used to date John Legend!

1. Just because Leonardo was dating my mom, he hanged out with us.

2. Mom dated Matt Le Blanc and came up with a photo to prove it.

3. During high school, Mom and Adam Sandler were on prom night.

4. Up to now, mom used Woody Harrelson.

5. Mom was a friend back in college with Bradley Cooper, before he became famous.

6. Grandpa, back in 1945, dated Elizabeth Short, ‘The Black Dahlia.’ He had been a witness for the FBI.

7. Here is Michelle Obama reported in the yearbook for uncle.

8. Mom and John Travolta were friends from childhood. Here’s nana with him following one of his 70’s series.