13 People Who Shouldn’t Be Aware of the Existence of Photoshop.


Photoshop has long been regarded as one of the most effective methods for retouching and creating perfect photographs. When amateurs attempt to use it, however, they produce bizarre works of art. In this post, you’ll see funny retouch failures from everyday internet users as well as professionals in the media and online retail.

1. Realistic 3D tattoo design

© lostproton / reddit

2. What are your thoughts on this massive flash drive with a limited memory capacity?

© jasonjordan / imgur

3. “It’s all right, Bethany; we’ll just Photoshop it.” You are not required to jump.”

© oligarchy / imgur

4. You can Photoshop different faces on top of the models’ faces if they have hideous ones.

© JadeShade / reddit

5. Why aren’t they looking at the shadows?


6. Your hair will never be ruined by these headphones.

© HamSession / reddit

7. Celebrities like to use Photoshop as well, but it isn’t always successful. Look at the crookedness of the floor.


8. It seems that they took a picture of a woman, layered the flower on top, and then covered it all with the face of another woman.

© lerichkid / reddit

9. Remember to consider the reflection in the water while removing beach umbrellas.

© UnicornBeef / reddit

10. These guitars not only stand on their own, but they also perform without the need for human intervention.

© EmeraldMew / reddit

11. This golfer’s knee joints must be in deep trouble.

© plonce / reddit

12. The walls. Oh, the walls. When they have their picture taken, they still look crooked.

13. Olivia Munn has an egregiously large head.

© DoublePlusGoodGames / reddit

Bonus: A test for those who are paying attention. Can you figure out what’s wrong with this image?

Keep an eye out for the crossbar.

© DetectiveHorse / imgur

Answer: The crossbar with hangers should be placed behind the vertical bar in the middle.

What Photoshop blunder do you consider to be the most epic? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Preview photo credit Marco Mazzocchi / twitter