14 Personal Photos of Celebrities That Deserved the Thousands of Likes They Got


Several happy events have occurred in the lives of several celebrities this year. Some of them found new love, some married or became parents for the first time, and some regained their perfect bodies or achieved success. And, though some celebrities tend not to discuss their personal lives, others, thankfully for their fans, gladly share their news.


Britney Spears has put in a lot of effort. You’d probably accept that the pop star looks much younger and fitter now than she did ten years ago. Most notably, she seems to be much happier.


And her partner, personal trainer Sam Asghari, assists her in staying in shape. He’s most likely the sexiest man Britney has ever dated!

Eva Longoria had her first child.


Eva Longoria, 43, gave birth to a son on June 19, 2018, whom she and her husband named Enrique Santiago. The actress also posted a picture of her newborn son on her Instagram page a few days ago.

Natalia Vodianova promised to donate 1 million rubles to the development of football.


The supermodel vowed to contribute a significant amount of money to the advancement of Russian football if the national team defeated the Spanish team, which they did.

Kylie Jenner shared a photo of her newborn daughter.


Kylie did not want to make the fact that she was pregnant public before the birth of her daughter Stormi, so she shared this adorable picture of her baby with her fans.

Chrissy Teigen has proven again that the most important thing is not being an ideal mother but rather, a happy one.


Chrissy Teigen is well-known for her amusing and quick-witted responses to haters’ online comments. And these guys are critical of almost everything she does, including how she treats her son. This is most likely just envy, and we understand why.

Kourtney Kardashian put an internet troll in their place.


Another celebrity mother who knows how to react to haters. She recently shared a picture of herself in a swimsuit, and one of her followers inquired as to where her children were at the time. However, Kourtney responded that the picture was taken by her 7-year-old son while her other two children sat next to her at the table and thanked the commenter for “their concern.”

Jennifer Lopez is happy in her new relationship.


When they saw a ring on Jennifer Lopez’s finger, some fans assumed she and Alexander Rodriguez were engaged. They haven’t, however, made a formal announcement of their engagement.

Kaley Cuoco got married.


The Big Bang Theory star recently married for the second time and posted a snapshot of the wedding party with her fans, swapping out a traditional bridal gown for a jumpsuit made of the same fabric. How do you feel about this concept?

Will Smith congratulated his son Jaden on his birthday.


Will Smith’s son Jaden turned 20 a few weeks ago. The popular father posted a childhood picture of his son wearing a Spider-Man suit and going on a “date” with a girl. Jordyn Woods, a model and Kylie Jenner’s former best friend, is the girl in question.

Rihanna continues to release successful cosmetic products one after the other.


Rihanna is unquestionably talented. She can transform anything into gold: she’s a fantastic singer and the owner of a successful cosmetics business. She’s also the perfect model for all of her products.

Anna Kournikova gave birth to twins.


Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias have become parents after a 16-year relationship. They have two children named Nicholas and Lucy.


Anna, like many other celebrities, chose not to publicise her pregnancy, but after giving birth, she posted pregnancy pictures on her Instagram page.

Ashley Graham is not afraid of sharing non-edited photos.


Plus-size fashion model Ashley Graham, unlike her detractors, is so self-assured that she isn’t afraid to participate in photoshoots where the images aren’t post-edited. In reality, most women have cellulite — even those that are not overweight — it’s just that the majority of them don’t speak about it.

America Ferrera has become a mother for the first time.

America Ferrera, best known for her appearance in Ugly Betty, became a mother this year. She posted a touching picture of her son’s foot and announced that she and her husband called their son Sebastian Piers Williams, also known as Baz!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson feeds his wife while she feeds their daughter.


Dwayne admitted in the caption for this picture that he loves feeding his wife while she is busy feeding their daughter, Tia.


And soon after their daughter was born, the happy father posted a picture with a lengthy caption about his love, appreciation, and admiration for his other half as well as all other mothers around the world.

In addition, the actor advised men to be present for their wives during childbirth and to assist them in every way they can.

Which of these events seems to be the most significant to you?

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