Such Strong-Willed Women Make Us Want to Say, “You Go, Girl!”


The terms “strong-willed,” “driven,” and “energetic” are frequently used to characterise guys. Women, on the other hand, endure challenges that no guy can comprehend.

“A group of women is boarding my aircraft, one wearing a “Just Divorced” shirt and the others wearing “Divorce Support Group” shirts, and they are all inebriated. Those are the kinds of buddies that everyone requires.”

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“My mother, who is 44 years old, recently completed nursing school. She’s posing in front of a photo from her high school graduation. “It’s never too late to improve yourself,” she encouraged me to tell everyone.”

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“After years of trying to have children and only receiving negative results, my wife made me the happiest guy alive.”

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“I know taking selfies isn’t cool, but I’m so thrilled that I can now wear a bikini instead of hiding my scar.”

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“After two years of unsteady hands owing to multiple sclerosis, I used liquid liner to push myself to practise. This is the first time I’ve done it. Even though it’s not much, I’m still pleased of myself.”

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“My 90-year-old grandmother recently ran her first 5K…not walked, RAN.”

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“Today was my wife’s first chemo treatment!”

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“My best friend recently became only the second female to win the Marlin World Cup. Her winnings totaled $561,600.”

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Tillya is the cutest bionic girl in the world!

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“My wife completed her first triathlon one year ago today. Without the extra 50kg (110lb), completing a triathlon is still difficult.”

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During her final year at Harvard Law School, a 24-year-old single mother gave birth to a child. She graduated last month and carried her kid across the stage.

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“My mother is 44 years old and is having a good time.”

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“I finally let go of my thinning hair and shaved my head after months of holding on. I feel powerful and gorgeous, and I’m overjoyed!”

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“Incentive ride for my mother to stay in the USAF (1991).”

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“I quit my monotonous cubicle job after 20 years and acquired my real estate licence at the age of 43! It’s never too late to make a fresh start!”

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“Before her Glioblastoma operation, my sister gives me a thumbs up.”

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“I’ve wanted to be a designer since I was in elementary school. Not only that, but I knew I wanted to offer evening clothing as well. The crowd erupted in applause as the dress walked down the runway, bringing tears to my eyes. That’s when I realised I’d realised my fantasy had come true.”

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“For Mother’s Day, my mother enrolled my 80-year-old grandmother in an Idaho Star Introduction to Motorcycle course.”

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These women are incredible! We admire their courage, perseverance, and positive outlook on life. Have you ever encountered a woman like this? Perhaps you’re one of them! Tell us about yourself.

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