16 Photos Proving That Women’s Cleverness Has No Limits


Women may appear to be delicate and vulnerable animals, but they conceal far more strength than men realise. They deceive men, take command of the situation, and have the extraordinary ability to identify the right photo angle in a matter of seconds. Look through these photos to learn about some of these women’s incredible superpowers.

“The mother of my boyfriend proposed to me.”

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So tricky.

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“When I sneak out, I teach my brother how to construct a phoney body.”

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When you know what true craftiness is, you’ll be able to:

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“In the midst of a Walmart parking lot, this woman was spray-painting her automobile black.”

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How girls transform:

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When you tell your partner that you’ll only bring a few of your belongings to his house:

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When you asked her three times what she wanted to order:

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When your guy lets you choose your own slice:

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“My girlfriend numbered my condoms and promised to do weekly inventory audits,” she said.

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When you’ve come up with the perfect reason to sleep in a little longer:

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“This photo was taken by my girlfriend to illustrate that I dress like an old man…”

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When the truth comes out while getting your hair washed:

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Suddenly friend-zoned

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This is something that all girls are guilty of.

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This young lady dresses herself as an elderly lady to demonstrate that she is of legal drinking age.

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Have you ever had to deal with a woman’s deception? Tell us about your experiences in the comments!

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