15 Photos That Were Taken at the Best Possible Time


Having a good photo isn’t all about striking the right pose or finding the ideal place, but rather about waiting for the perfect and most unpredictable moment. It’s all about the photos that make you want to zoom in so you can see more information. After all, you never know if a man has a baby hand or whether an alien is waiting for you at the entrance.

1. This man appears to have two layers of skin due to the clarity and stillness of the water.

© Jayalvarrez / Tumblr

2. It’s a floating cat or…

© glasshalfsomethingg / reddit

3. I’m not sure if this man has a baby hand or if the baby has one that is very long.

© DabsJeeves / reddit

4. This guy’s bag looks like someone sleeping.

© nealynealster / reddit

5. “I was on the verge of having a heart attack when Ring alerted me that someone was at my front door.”

© Suprovation / reddit

6. Not sure where the rest of this man is.

© Mopsiebunnie / reddit

7. “It’s time to feed the lama-woman.”

© thinkinatoms / reddit

8. The perfect overlap…

© sage_x3 / reddit

9. Can’t see which head is his…

© Wapniak / reddit

10. This truck parked outside

© todtier27 / reddit

11. Shaved the cat’s arm…

© rubbish_binnie / reddit

12. “I was watching a show when the doorbell rang, so I stopped it to answer it. I figured someone had placed a mirror over my laptop when I returned!”

© when2jen / reddit

13. There seem to be two images here.

© Xyain / reddit

14. “These limes look like they’re floating.”

© ImLazyWithUsernames / reddit

15. “Underneath the newspaper, the wife has dozed off. For a brief moment, this frightened me.”

© craigstone_ / reddit

Which photo drew your attention? Which ones were your favourites? Have you ever had the opportunity to take a perplexing photograph?

Preview photo credit Jayalvarrez / Tumblrcraigstone_ / reddit