9 Pictures That Show the Hidden Sides of Different Jobs


Technical support workers most likely don’t know the answer to your question when they ask you to stay on the line. Some taxi companies don’t tell riders that ratings below 4.7 out of 5 put drivers on probation. In fact, there are interesting details about each job.

1. Flight attendants and their salary

Many of us probably don’t know that flight attendant only get paid when the main cabin door is closed. That means that if the flight lasts for 1 hour, they only get money for this hour.

They don’t get paid while boarding or after the engine is off and the plane is stopped — despite the fact that they probably came to the airport 2 hours before the flight even took off.

This is especially disappointing for people who work on a plane when it gets delayed. And during this time, they get nothing but complaints from frustrated passengers.

2. Waiters and runners

Many of us may have heard stories about people who come to restaurants and do everything to avoid paying for their meals. But one question remains: what happens to the servers?

Restaurants actually make the staff pay when customers “dine and ditch.” Let’s hope that people who work in this industry don’t have to work hard just to pay money out of their own pockets.

3. Brain surgeons and their schedule

It may be hard to believe but a brain surgeon can sleep just 3 hours a day at times. We know that it’s a tough and difficult job but besides this, they can work 120 hours a week when they train. Some operations can last 12-15 hours!

In addition, brain surgeons accept 30-40 patients a day and can be called into work at night.