12 Pieces of Clothing That Look Good on the Runway but Not in Real Life


Every year, fashion surprises us in a big way. Designers come up with innovative concepts by combining materials and forms that appear to be entirely unsuitable. As a result, the clothing items that make it into retail stores appear to be utterly useless and unfit for daily use.

We are astounded by how unworkable some divisive fashion trends are.

Micro bags

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Micro bags are as adorable as they are useless. Some of them are so tiny that not even a mirror or phone will fit inside of them. Additionally, this creation costs as much as a full-sized bag, making it difficult to call it a reasonable purchase.

Thongs on display

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Thongs coming out from jeans have recently made a comeback on runways despite the public’s wrath and rejection. Additionally, donning a bodysuit like this is currently fashionable. While the most courageous girls bravely experiment with this trend, we are unpersuaded because showing underwear through clothing is not only impractical but also, to put it gently, not particularly attractive.

Pointy shoes

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More impractical stilettos with long, pointed toes would need some serious thought. Every lady will attest to the misery of walking in such shoes.

Clothes with big shoulder pads

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Large shoulders, which are so popular among contemporary designers, can be exceedingly challenging. To prevent appearing like a walking closet, you must choose your clothing with extreme care.

Latex or leather leggings

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Leggings made of latex or leather highlight each and every curve on your body, emphasising even the smallest imperfections. You need to be exceptionally resourceful or have a large staff of assistants, like Kim Kardashian, to get them on.


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The poncho cape, which is only a rectangular piece of fabric with a hole cut out for the head, occasionally makes an appearance on runways. It certainly has a pretty stunning appearance. However, stylists are still at a loss for how to style this trendy marvel. The poncho’s unique design makes it extremely challenging to pair with other items of clothing. But more crucially, it adds extra bulk to the physique, which many women find unattractive.

Patent leather thigh-high boots

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Only at fashion presentations do bright patent leather thigh high boots look fashionable and new. These boots might inflict unnecessary vulgarity on an image in real life. Petite women should avoid these types of shoes since the patent leather’s sheen and the vivid colour can alter the body’s proportions. Mila Kunis, a small actress, experienced this.

Oversized clothes

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Oversized clothing has finally and irrevocably captivated the hearts of many ladies due to their comfort and usefulness. The physique of a typical woman can be made to look shapeless, whereas these products only genuinely look fashionable on models with tiny proportions. To avoid this, choose an outfit that is 2 sizes larger than yours max, and don’t forget to emphasise your waist or leave some areas of your body (shoulders, legs) exposed so that your silhouette wouldn’t be lost in layers of cloth.

The sports luxe trend

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Sportswear followed the sneaker trend to become popular on the runway and, according to certain designers, it can be worn with heels and chic handbags. Even while it may seem fantastic on runway models, this fusion of athleticism and elegant is dubious in real life.

Fur slippers

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Palazzo pants

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Fashionable palazzo trousers, which Coco Chanel adored, seem stunning, but they are inappropriate for city life. These pants can make their wearer into a street cleaner due to their long, broad legs that totally cover your shoes.

Socks with open-toed shoes

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The fashion trend to wear open-toed shoes with socks can only be tamed by the bravest girls and we think we know why. This style will attract weird stares from people passing by and surprise everyone.

Have you ever bought a trendy piece of clothing that ended up getting covered with dust in your closet afterwards? What was it? Tell us in the comments below.

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