11-year-old Girl Who makes ‘$132,000 A Month’ Retiring To Focus On School


Prepare to regret your life decisions because an 11-year-old girl who earns up to $132,000 per month is “semi-retiring” to concentrate on her studies.

It gives the concept of early retirement a completely new meaning.

Pixie Curtis, an 11-Year-Old Millionaire

Given that in the US, government benefits do not begin until the ripe old age of 67, most of us could only dream of leaving our jobs in our 40s or 50s.

Yet, Pixie Curtis, a young entrepreneur, is able to take a step back before turning 12 years old.

After building a multi-million dollar empire with the help of Pixie’s Pix, an online store that sells a variety of accessories, the Australian schoolgirl has seen financial success.

Pixie Curtis is set to semi-retire at the age of 11. Credit: Instagram/@pixiespixonline

Although the 11-year business, old’s which sold fidget toys, really took off during the pandemic, she is now “semi-retiring” to concentrate on her studies.

Pixie’s manager and PR tycoon Roxy Jacenko disclosed to news.com.au that her daughter’s fidget business brought in AU $200,000 (US $132,000) in its first month.

Since it has been so prosperous, Pixie might theoretically retire at the age of 15 as a billionaire.

Pixie’s Pix really took off when she started selling fidget toys. Credit: Instagram/@pixiespixonline

It should also come as no surprise that the young tycoon has reaped the rewards of her success, including an extravagant birthday celebration that is said to have cost AU $40,000 (US $26,000).

Pixie also has a Mercedes Benz GS worth AU $270,000 (US $178,000), even though she won’t be able to drive it for several more years.

Pixie’s Pix’s Mother

You might question why she would want to leave such a successful company, but she wants to finish high school first before making any significant decisions about her future.

However, it doesn’t spell the end for her business.

“In brief, we have been talking about the business plans moving forward as a family over the past few months, and we concluded that while it has been a fantastic adventure starting about three years ago, it was time to refocus with high school right around the corner,” mum Roxy said.

Pixie’s Pix’s Father

While Pixie’s Pix online store will continue to exist, it will return to its original position as the greatest source for children’s hair bows and accessories known as Pixie’s Bows, as it did in 2011.

Which, I think it’s safe to say, is pretty damn savvy and is probably one of the many reasons she’s been able to achieve such success.

The mother and daughter team chose to donate Pixie’s accessories to help people in need as a way to celebrate the start of her new chapter in life.

Pixie’s Pix’s Net Worth

An NSW government contractor named Main Facilities recently spent AU $30,000 (US $20,000) on the store’s inventory, which will be donated to children’s charities like Bear Cottage, Ronald McDonald House, Little Wings, and Vinnies, according to the site.