15 Big Secrets Revealed by Priyanka Chopra In Her Memoir, ‘Unfinished’


Do you know that Priyanka Chopra published a memoir? The book includes fascinating tales about her early years, her struggles, and her adored late father.

The book is titled “Unfinished.” Despite being a well-known person, the global icon made an effort to keep the book insightful and even revealed some deeply personal details.

Here are a few of the noteworthy passages and life secrets she wrote about in her book.

Priyanka Chopra/Instagram

1. The decision by Priyanka Chopra’s parents to send her to boarding school infuriated her.

When she crossed the line by having a tantrum as a child, her parents made the decision to send her to a boarding school. She at first hated her parents’ choice. She penned,

“Having Mom visit was heaven, but her departures were agony for both of us. I’d be in tears, traumatized all over again by the separation, and as much as Mom must have tried to control her own tears as she was leaving, she would end up crying, too,”

Although she eventually acknowledged that the first few weeks were challenging, she did say that she enjoyed making friends, learning, and being disciplined. Over time, she developed a love for her boarding school.

2. The story of her father’s heroic deed

A sizable portion of Priyanka’s book is about her father, who she formerly looked up to. In one part, she disclosed that a soldier who had been shot in the head was barely alive when her father, Lieutenant Colonel Dr Ashok Chopra, was stationed in Leh. The procedure was performed by Priyanka’s father, who accomplished it successfully. the soldier’s words

“Just tell my family that I was martyred for my country. That I did my job.” Her father replied, “You’ll tell them yourself,” and indeed the soldier lived to do that.

Priyanka Chopra/Instagram

The way Priyanka tells this tale will make it clear that she adored her father, who served as her main source of support. She penned,

“Two decades later, after my father died, the soldier came to his chautha to pay his respects. He had kept the bullet that Dad had removed all those years earlier”.

3. Getting kicked out of MoMa for touching the starry night

When Priyanka visited The Museum of Modern Art as a teen, she touched on the painting Starry Night because, like any other inquisitive adolescent, she was so fascinated by it. She penned,

“I was also silently exhilarated. I’d touched The Starry Night! What a story to be able to tell someday!”

Priyanka Chopra/Instagram

4. Her middle school heartbreak

Priyanka dated Bob while she was 14 years old and attending school in Indianapolis, Indiana. They have a deep love for one another. She had to conceal him from her Masi in the closet after they nearly shared their first kiss on the couch. However, when she relocated to Queens, things didn’t go as planned; it appears that Bob began dating her closest friend as soon as Priyanka did. She disclosed,

“I was determined to keep the connection going. Bob and I continued to correspond via letter and postcard, and I also kept up with our email correspondence, although from a computer in the school library. Until I found out that shortly after I left, he had started dating my best friend. What a waste of pure affection.

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5. Priyanka was bullied in Newton, Massachusetts

When Priyanka was sixteen, she left Newton High School in Massachusetts and returned to India. She was severely bullied by her classmates for being “different” while she was in Newton, therefore there is a susceptible explanation for this. She suffered psychological damage as a result of the incident because she kept hearing others tell her to “go back to her country.” She penned,

“Well, the taunts and the graffiti and the physical aggression had done their jobs, and no matter how hard I worked, I couldn’t maintain my sense of self-worth. I started to believe that I was somehow less than those around me”


6. Signing up for the beauty pageant was not her idea

Sid, her brother, discovered the Miss India contest advertisement in a Femina. Priyanka’s brother advised her to join up for it. While PC was unaware of what was happening, he talked about it with his mother and they began filling out paperwork. He allegedly did this to reclaim his room. When Priyanka learned about this, she undoubtedly had no idea how her mother’s and her brother’s choice would affect her for the rest of her life.

The action was carried out by the images that were submitted with the form. The fascinating thing is that when Priyanka went to take images for her passport, the photographer suggested that she also take some photos that looked like models. She penned,

“And those additional photos were the ones that Sid had Mom send off to the Miss India contest not long afterward. Those shots still adorn the Suri Photo Studio walls in Bareilly”

7. The tale of her meeting her maid of honour

It so occurred that the landlord once let out the home she had rented to someone else at the same time, only to make two times as much money. They were all misled by the landlord since they were not informed. But as she recounted, over time, the roommates became the best of friends.

“There was one bed, one closet, two shelves, a little dressing table, and a window. That’s it. But we made it work, and Tamanna and I became best friends. Eighteen years later, she would be the maid of honor at my wedding,”

Priyanka Chopra/Instagram

8. Priyanka’s trademark “namaste” posture has a fascinating backstory!

Despite the fact that namaste is now one of Priyanka’s signature stances, it does have a unique, twisted history. She disclosed,

“And it’s true, I was ecstatic and dazed—and I was also desperately trying to keep my strapless gown from sliding down my body! I pressed my hands together in a namaste and kept them close to my body as much of the time as I could in an effort to hold my gown up, and I hoped for the best. I now do a namaste at almost every red carpet—and you know the origin story.”

At least she was clever enough to avoid the wardrobe malfunction and the gown didn’t fall off.


9. When she was harassed by a producer or director in front of her management.

After winning the competition, a Bollywood offer was made to her. She was verbally harassed by the director in front of her then-management while she was there with her manager, who is now her ex-manager. A “boob job, repair my jaw, and add a little extra padding to my butt” request was made of her. She clearly felt degraded and let down after the meeting. She penned,

“One of the first encounters was with a very well-known director/producer who had recently been accused of sexual harassment in India. This man was well-known both for the massive films he produced and for his infamous philandering. Of course, I was unaware of that when I entered his office with my previous manager.

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10. She mentioned leaving a movie early because the director’s actions made her uncomfortable.

Priyanka mentioned abandoning a movie because of a seduction song since it made her uncomfortable. She signed the contract knowing the song would be in the movie, but she didn’t anticipate being objectified as much as the director claimed.

“Jo bhi ho, chaddiyan dikhni chahiyen. Nahi toh log picture kyon dekne aayenge?”

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The director then came seeking for her at a different location, when she was saved by her co-star Salman Khan, as she left the set. After speaking with the director, he came to the understanding that Priyanka would repay the funds already given and pay for the shoot.

11. Priyanka regretted being a part of ‘fairness’ commercials.

She wrote that it was the biggest error of her career.

“Looking back, this was one of the biggest missteps of my career and is one of my most profound regrets. I can’t go back and change what I did, but I can apologize, and I do so sincerely. To all the people who saw the harmful messaging that I contributed to, to all the people who still have to see commercials like these in every medium—I am deeply sorry”


12. How did Priyanka meet Diana Chopra Jonas(her pet)?

Cupid found Priyanka and Diana during the BuzzFeed interview, where the actress was required to respond to questions while cuddling up to cute puppies. The puppy began nibbling on her Burberry shoes and cuddling up to her arm during the interview. She penned,

“When Diana, as I soon named her, started chewing on my Burberry shoes in the interview, I immediately understood that she had excellent taste. And then at some point, she started snuggling under my arm. I was smitten,”

Priyanka Chopra/Instagram

13. When Nick visited India, she dispatched a member of her security team to spy on Nick and her mother.

When Nick first travelled to India, he seized the chance to spend some time alone with Priyanka’s mother. However, when they made the decision to go out to lunch together, Priyanka found it difficult to let go, thus it appears that the Desi girl dispatched a spy to watch them. As he made the decision to pop the question to the starlet, Nick intended to approach her mother for her approval. Priyanka penned:

“I sent a member of my security team out to take pictures of them at the restaurant they’d gone to—okay, to spy on them—so I could study their body language using my Quantico skills. #NotProud”


14. Priyanka hurt her leg moments before her mehndi

On the memorable day of her mehndi when she was being married to Nick, she wounded herself when a wooden splinter became lodged in her foot. While they waited for a doctor, Priyanka grew impatient and decided to handle the situation on her own. She seems to have a high pain tolerance due to dancing to Bollywood songs while nursing blistering feet. She disclosed,

” So Nick held my foot steady while I doused it in the only antiseptic I could think of—perfume (alcohol)—and then pulled the bloody spear out with a pair of tweezers”

15. Missing movies because of an issue with her nose surgery

After the pageant, the actor had to have a polyp in her nasal cavity surgically removed, which required nose surgery. Her look was altered by the surgery, and in order to correct it, she underwent a number of procedures for which the media dubbed her “Plastic Chopra.” Piggy Chops admitted that as a result, she missed out on countless movies. She penned,

“The bridge of my nose collapsed and I started undergoing corrective surgery to normalize it. I was dropped from two big movies—my very first acting jobs, movies that were to have launched me—after the producers heard rumors that I looked different post-surgery”