Rakesh Sharma: First Indian To Go To Space, Living In A Small Village


Rakesh Sharma: First Indian To Go To Space: In the annals of Indian space exploration, the name Rakesh Sharma shines brightly as the pioneer who etched his mark in history by becoming the first Indian to venture into space, a monumental feat accomplished in 1984. A former Indian Air Force pilot, his transformative journey forever altered the course of Indian space exploration. Remarkably, he remains the sole Indian citizen to have embarked on a journey beyond Earth’s confines.

While the passage of time has witnessed numerous Indians making their way to space, it’s crucial to note that these individuals were not permanent citizens of India. Yet, Rakesh Sharma’s legacy persists undiminished, with his name serving as a beacon whenever the realms of space and India intertwine.

Despite his undeniable significance in India’s space narrative, it’s lamentable that Rakesh Sharma hasn’t received the level of fame and recognition commensurate with his monumental contributions. His pivotal role in shaping the country’s space research landscape is a testament to his dedication and valour, deserving of the highest accolades and appreciation from the nation.

The month of July in the year 2023 witnessed a seismic moment on social media, as a photograph of Rakesh Sharma emerged and promptly set the internet ablaze. This unexpected revelation not only astonished the masses but also stirred a collective sense of remorse for not celebrating their hero as much as he deserved. In the wake of this revelation, an earnest quest for insights into his background and personal history commenced, as people yearned to delve deeper into the life of this iconic figure.

Thus, with a dedicated effort, we have meticulously curated a comprehensive portrait of Rakesh Sharma, weaving together both the facets of his personal and professional realms. In the following account, we embark on an exploration of his life story, capturing the essence of his journey. Without further delay, let’s delve into this rich tapestry that encapsulates the remarkable life of Rakesh Sharma.

Rakesh Sharma’s Age and family background

Rakesh Sharma, the esteemed figure renowned for his tenure as an Indian Air Force pilot, came into the world on January 13, 1949, hailing from the vibrant land of Punjab. His roots trace back to a Punjabi Hindu Brahmin family, anchoring his cultural heritage and background. The trajectory of his educational journey led him to complete his schooling and attain his graduation in Hyderabad, a city that played a significant role in shaping his early years. The foundation of his education was laid at St. George’s Grammar School, where he cultivated his academic roots. Subsequently, he pursued his higher education at Nizam College, Hyderabad, fostering his intellectual growth.

Rakesh Sharma’s aspirations were etched in the skies, for he harboured an unwavering desire to become a pilot. This fervent aspiration spurred him to embark on a significant chapter in his life as he joined the hallowed halls of the National Defence Academy (NDA) in July 1966. His remarkable courage and unwavering dedication paved the way for a pivotal milestone in 1970 when he was commissioned into the Indian Air Force, achieving his lifelong dream of becoming a pilot. This momentous achievement undoubtedly stood as a pinnacle in his life’s journey, marking the realization of his ambitions.

Rakesh Sharma astronaut: He Has completed 21 combat missions

In the pivotal year of 1970, Rakesh Sharma’s long-cherished dream of becoming a pilot was realized when he joined the esteemed ranks of the Indian Air Force as a test pilot. This aspiration, nurtured since his childhood, found its fulfilment in this distinguished role. His determination to seize every opportunity presented itself as a testament to his resolute commitment to his lifelong ambition.

Remarkably, Rakesh Sharma’s meteoric rise through the ranks of the Indian Air Force showcased his exceptional skills and contributions. In a mere span of 14 years within the IAF, he achieved the remarkable distinction of being promoted to the esteemed rank of squadron leader in 1984. This rapid advancement was underscored by his trailblazing accomplishments throughout his career, solidifying his position as a deserving officer for the role of squadron leader.

A pivotal moment that significantly contributed to his ascendancy was his involvement in the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War. Piloting the renowned MiG-21 during the conflict, Rakesh Sharma undertook a remarkable 21 combat missions, an achievement that resonated profoundly across the nation. This feat left an indelible mark on his IAF journey and established his reputation as one of the most exceptional pilots globally.

Rakesh Sharma: First Indian To Go To Space

The year 1982 marked a historic juncture as the Soviet-Indian spaceflight program embarked on a journey to etch its name in the annals of history. Rakesh Sharma, a notable figure in this endeavour, emerged as one of the distinguished cosmonauts poised to venture into the cosmos. Accompanying him were two Soviet cosmonauts, forming the crew of the Soyuz T-11, the spacecraft that would carry them on their extraordinary voyage.

This mission held monumental significance for both the Soviet Union and India, leaving an indelible mark on their respective space histories. Rakesh Sharma’s journey into space was not merely an event but a testament to unwavering determination and meticulous preparation. His rigorous training at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Moscow laid the groundwork for his success. With tenacity and dedication, Rakesh Sharma triumphantly conquered the battery of tests and challenges, thereby paving his way to the stars. This marked a monumental milestone for both the individual and the collaborative space endeavours between the two nations.

Rakesh Sharma’s wife and children

For those unfamiliar with his personal life, Rakesh Sharma is a married man, his partner being a woman named Madhu. The union has been blessed with the joys of parenthood, as they are parents to two children. Their family encompasses a son named Kapil and a daughter named Kritiika.

Delving into the vocational pursuits of Rakesh Sharma’s offspring, his son Kapil has chosen the creative path as a filmmaker and actor. On the other hand, his daughter Kritiika has ventured into the realm of media artistry. The diversification in their professional choices reflects the broader scope of talents nurtured within the family, underscoring their individuality and the varied avenues they have chosen to explore.

Rakesh Sharma is living a remote life in Tamil Nadu

Rakesh Sharma’s disposition towards eschewing the limelight and avoiding a constant spotlight is a testament to his humility and personal values. Despite his substantial achievements, he has never actively sought extensive attention. However, his reluctance for prominence doesn’t negate the fact that he truly deserves recognition for his historic achievement as the first Indian in space.

For a considerable span of time, media attention seemed to elude Rakesh Sharma, leaving his story largely untold. This absence of coverage about him and his personal life persisted for decades, a situation that appeared to underscore the enigma surrounding this remarkable figure.

Fortuitously, in July 2023, a photograph of Rakesh Sharma emerged, offering a glimpse into his life. The revelation that he resides in a remote village in Tamil Nadu, specifically Coonoor, sheds light on his current state of affairs. Reports suggest that he is leading a tranquil and private existence alongside his wife, Madhu, a lifestyle he appears to relish and safeguard with a preference for solitude.

Reflecting on Rakesh Sharma’s choice to live a remote life in Tamil Nadu, underscores his desire for serenity and personal privacy, a decision that should be respected and admired. His contributions to Indian space history undoubtedly warrant greater fame and recognition, given the magnitude of his achievement and the inspiration he continues to provide to generations. The question of whether he deserves more recognition is a resounding yes, as his pioneering journey represents a pivotal milestone in India’s space endeavours, shaping the country’s narrative in the cosmos.