12 Reasons You Shouldn’t Underestimate The Power Of A Common Man In India

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One man can pull a mountain, one common man can overcome a whole government, one man can close down a billion dollar organization. Truly, we are discussing here about the power of a comman  man – the power in you. Here are asome few  reasons why you ought to never upset an ‘aam aadmi’.

1. This Assamese man without any help planted a whole onland more than 30 years with no helper from the legislature.

2. This IAS officer constructed a 100 kms in length street to associate a remote town in Manipur to alternate parts of the state with no assistance from the legislature.

3. Arvind Kejriwal when he turned into the Chief Minister of Delhi.

4. Regardless of how rich you are or which foru wheeler you drive, you have to wait for the traffic light and can’t win a race against the general public (bus)  transport.

5. At the point when SBI fouled up with the wrong person, this occurred. It couldn’t be any more obvious, regular man dependably wins on the off chance if he is correct.

6. At the point when people  joined together and lifted a bus to safe understudies who were trapped under the vehicle in Pune.

7. Government couldn’t do anything, so this elderly person burrowed a huge mountain and made transportation simple for his locale in his town.

8. At the point when the Government of Madhya Pradesh thought of an unusual principle – ‘no helmet, no petroleum’, this is the way the nationals responded.

9. At the point when netizens enormously dissented via web networking media and made a McDonald branch in Pune close down after they tossed out a poor child since he attempted to purchase cold drink.

10. At the point when Flipkart attempted to trick us, one shrewd man stood up and shown them lesson.

11. So a comman  man can’t have those well defined abs that you find in Bollywood films?

12. A driver was not paid his monthly compensation, so he parked the car like this and left his employment.

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