11 Reasons Why Tourists Get Disappointed by Paris


You must have come across this phrase “To see Paris and Die”. What does it mean? Visiting Paris and seeing Eiffel tower is the dream of most of us and after fulfilling this one can die happily. But it seems that people have taken it literally. Because after visiting Paris and Eiffel tower you want to die as soon as you will realise that it is not like that it is shown in the movie or book.

Check Out These Reasons Why Tourists Get Disappointed by Paris

1. Never Ending Long lines to the Eiffel Tower observation deck and matted grass on the lawn

Before travelling to Paris, everyone dreams of seeing the most famous sight in the city — the Eiffel Tower. A lot of tourists also want to go to the observation deck. The first failed expectation is when you get into the huge line of tourists that want to visit the tower too. The second disappointment is when the guards check you at the entrance as if you are at the airport again. You’ll end up spending several hours in the line before you finally get to the deck.

After all of this stress, you might want to have a rest and have a picnic on the grass. But don’t be too fast. There are some other unpleasant discoveries coming your way. For example, the perimeter of the lawn may be surrounded by a fence if there is some kind of an event, or even worse, a public demonstration. Maybe you will get some space on the lawn but the grass is all matted and missing in spots.

  • It is better to enjoy the view of the Eiffel Tower from a distance. This is why we recommend going to the Montmartre district and climbing the Sacré-Cœur stairs. This is a great observation point that you can see the entire city from.

2. Huge crowds at the Louvre entrance

Of course, another popular place is the Louvre. Many travellers that didn’t buy the tickets in advance have recommended getting in the line before the museum opens. Of course, this makes sense, but it still doesn’t mean you won’t spend many hours standing in that line. This is really exhausting and it is hard to enjoy art after such a challenging line. After the line, you can’t even remember why you came to the Louvre in the first place.

  • It is best to buy an online ticket in advance, in order to be in the line for visitors that have their tickets. Another option is to buy tickets in advance but at regular newsstands that are located all around the city. They sell tickets to many museums in Paris. But if you couldn’t do that, there is a great life hack you should know: you can get into the museum almost without any lines in the shopping mall Carrousel du Louvre. In La Civette Du Carrousel, you can buy the tickets to the Louvre and other museums much faster than anywhere else. Then, follow the signs that will lead you to the reversed pyramid and the museum entrance is in front of it. You will get into an underground hall with the ticket windows where everyone is trying to get waiting in the lines above. Here, you can also buy tickets easily if all the previous options didn’t work.

3. A large number of people are trying to take a photo of the Mona Lisa and there are glares on the glass.

After the Louvre lines have been visited, people rush to see the mysterious smile girl — Mona Lisa. Obviously, everyone wants to see the painting from close up. But this is difficult because there are a lot of people trying to take a picture of the painting or get closer to it. When you finally approach the painting, you will see that the glare on the protective glass won’t allow you to photograph it. Finding the right angle is virtually impossible. Besides, in real life, the painting is small and you can’t really get close enough to it to fully enjoy the masterpiece.

  • This painting is not the only thing this museum has: the Louvre has a huge collection of world art that you can spend hours looking at. Many of their pieces are really easy to see. Besides, the museum itself is worth enjoying: the interior, the ceiling, and the views from the windows are mind-blowing. And also, there are benches near the windows that will allow you to rest and enjoy the view.

4. Real French women don’t look anything like the ones they show in films.

The films with French actresses make them look like stylish and charming mysterious girls. They wear perfect clothes (with a beret), they are independent, and they look stunning. Many girls want to look like French women, they want to learn something about style from them. And they are really confused when, in Paris, they see women wearing regular clothes, no makeup, and with no manicure.

  • In real life, they are regular women that are not fixated on their appearances. But there is an important correction: young French girls are like this, but by the age of 50, they undergo a transformation. They start wearing elegant clothes, they wear makeup, and they get their nails done. And they really are stunning and have something to teach to others.