5 Things Roger Federer Did At His Farewell That Every Man Secretly Wants As His Career Ends


The greatest tennis player in history, Roger Federer, officially ended his career as the 2022 Laver Cup drew to a close. Every guy secretly wishes to say certain things during his farewell interview, which the Swiss Maestro did in an extremely emotional performance.

Here are five admirable deeds that Roger Federer performed during his farewell that every guy secretly aspires to perform when his career comes to an end:

1. Celebrate His Achievements With His Best Friends

The ultimate comfort for a man on his final day of a job he loved with all his heart is to be surrounded by friends like Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal. This is what men live for.

We can only expect to experience something similar during our respective farewells after repeatedly hugging the same group of friends and witnessing their watery eyes whenever they considered the idea that they won’t be seeing each other as frequently as they once did.

2. Not Dwell On The Losses

Yes, Federer’s career did finish in defeat. Frances Tiafoe and Jack Sock of Team World upset him in his final match by remaining composed under pressure and winning 4-6, 7-6(2), 11-9. And certainly, Federer was observed showing signs of emotion after the defeat.

Federer was defeated, but when he realised how many spectators were still standing and supporting him on his final day, he quickly put the defeat behind him, congratulated the winners, and didn’t let it spoil the evening or the celebration.

3. Remember Their Partner’s Contribution

She had the opportunity to stop me a very long time ago, but she chose not to. She gave me energy and let me play. Federer was overcome with emotion as he recalled the several occasions when he’d glance toward the spectators and saw his wife quietly encouraging him, supporting him, and praying for him. “Thank you,” he cried.

On your last day, having friends and family there is wonderful, but the sacrifices your partner makes to help you succeed are on an entirely different level. When Roger praised Mirka for everything she did, it was clear how much he cares and respects her.

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4. Cry Without Worry

We males typically strive to restrain ourselves from sobbing in front of others, take deep breaths to stop ourselves from crying, and act strong in front of them. However, it was empowering to witness Federer let his emotions flow without worrying about what others might think.

We can only aspire to be able to cry like that towards the conclusion of our careers, realising that we will be leaving behind a legacy, something people will look up to and be inspired by. And it’s okay if those feelings make you cry as well.

5. Say They Have ‘No Regrets’ And Actually Mean It

We’ve observed it in television shows and movies as well as in others around us. Many of them claim to have no regrets, but it’s clear from their expressions that they’re attempting to deceive themselves. Making mistakes is a necessary part of the trip, and being able to correct them is quite satisfying.

Observing Federer at a tennis match, the 41-year-old is content to retire at the end of the match to spend time with his wife, kids, and parents after hugging and kissing everyone on the court, taking the microphone, and addressing the crowd. Roger Federer exudes the confidence of a man who has no regrets.

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