Salman Khan’s Painting Goes On Sale For Rs 2.5 Crores, Fans Say ‘Majnu Bhai’s Artwork Is Better’


If you are a huge admirer of Salman Khan, you are aware of his passion for painting. He enjoys playing with colour on a palette the most. For him, painting is more than simply a pastime; it’s an important aspect of his life that enables him to express his feelings and ideas on paper. His love of painting has developed over time, becoming a vital component of both his artistic and personal identity.

Salman Khan’s painting goes on sale for Rs 2.5 crores

The Bollywood star will now work with the avant-garde art organisation Artfi to sell his debut artwork, Unity1. June 14 is when the sale will begin. This is your chance to purchase one of his works of art if you’re a fan, however, it can cost a lot of money.

Salman Khan shared the good news on X, writing, “Exciting news! “Unity 1,” my debut artwork, will be up for sale on @artfiglobal in seven days. Don’t pass up the opportunity to own a portion of this unique painting. Prepare to grab your favourite fractions and click the link to discover more about the artwork.”

Fans were stunned to learn the price when Artfi revealed it on Instagram. The price of the artwork is an incredible Rs 2,50,67,250 (about $300,000).

Fans responded by bursting into giggles. “How much money?” a shocked admirer enquired. “Isse Accha toh Majnu bhai Ki Painting hai,” a joke made by another person, alluding to the Bollywood film Welcome. A third user commented, “150 rupiya dega,” referencing another joke. Another quipped, “Honestly, this does not deserve a price of $300000 😂 pathetic.”

In the meanwhile, there is a noticeable amount of interest in buying Salman Khan’s artwork, according to the CEO and official spokesman for Artfi. They decided against adopting an auction format for his first artwork pieces, even in light of the strong demand. To make sure his followers could purchase and acquire his artwork, this decision was made.