Sanjay Mishra’s Struggle Story: Leaving Bollywood To Working In Dhaba For Rs 150/Day.


Sanjay Mishra is arguably one of Bollywood’s most adored and respected performers for supporting roles. He is well known for his humorous abilities and frequently appears in funny films.

He was born in 1963, and his career in Bollywood began in 1995, just to recap. Oh, Darling! was his debut role in a movie. Hello India!

He was raised in Bihar and was born into a lower-middle-class household. His life had its ups and downs, and occasionally he had to suffer in the most difficult ways. He continues to be a popular actor in Bollywood, and viewers can never get enough of him.

Sanjay Mishra with his brothers Sumit (left) and Amit (right), and mother Meera.

He has been working in Bollywood for over 25 years. He typically appears in comedies, as was already said, but he has also done roles that left viewers in tears due to the brilliant acting he displayed in them.

Sanjay Mishra’s acting career has endured from Golmaal Again, God Tussi Fantastic Ho, till Masaan without ever letting fans down. His presence in Apple Singh advertising for ESPN Star Sports during the 1999 cricket World Cup proved a smash.

Sanjay Mishra Young

Do you know Sanjay Mishra is an NSD graduate?

When Irrfan Khan made a lasting impression on Sanjay Mishra with his speech, he was in his final year of college. He received an offer for a show from Tigmanshu Dhulia, a classmate of his at the National Academy of Theatre. Mishra informed Rediff:

“Between 1991 and 1999, I tried my hand at everything — from lighting to art direction to camerawork. I also did photography and earned some money. I lived on vada pav. If I missed home, I would go to Andheri (north Mumbai suburb, home to many television and film actors) station, where the Delhi-bound Rajdhani train would pass, and cry (Mishra’s parents were living in Delhi at the time).”

Sanjay Mishra At the National School Of Drama

When it comes to the struggles Sanjay Mishra went through, there were times the actor had to work in a Dhaba for a mere salary of Rupees 150.

Sanjay experienced numerous medical problems while filming Office Office. He became seriously unwell while filming and was taken to the hospital; during surgery, 15 litres of pus were evacuated from his stomach.

Another shock came his way when his father unexpectedly passed away while he was still recovering from the surgery. He was so shocked by the news when it first broke that he wasn’t even able to go back to Bombay and continue working in Bollywood.

“I was shattered,” Mishra says. “I could not go back to Mumbai. I wanted to be alone, so I went to Rishikesh and started working in a dhaba, making omelettes. The Sardar who owned the dhaba did not recognise me. But costumers would see me and ask, “Golmaal mein aap hi the na (Weren’t you in Golmaal)?” Then, they would want a photograph with me. Finally, the Sardar asked me who I was. Someone had told him I was an actor.”


It was Rohit Shetty who made Sanjay come back to Bollywood and continue with his acting

Rohit Shetty forced Sanjay to return with All The Best even though he wasn’t prepared to. We all used to chuckle at his performance and feel happier on his gloomy days. We had no idea, though, that he was still struggling internally with the death of his father; after shootings, he would often go to his vanity and sob.

His first marriage failed

After his first marriage ended in divorce, Sanjay was hesitant to be married again, but his mother insisted. He is the father of Pal and Lamha Mishra and is currently wed to Kiran Mishra.