Sara Ali Khan Finally Responds To Trolls Targeting Her For Visiting Mahadev Temple


Since her debut in 2018, Sara Ali Khan, a well-known Indian actress, has had a big impact on Bollywood. She has a rich professional and cultural heritage thanks to her parents, Bollywood actors Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh, as well as her ties to poet Rabindranath Tagore and the famed Indian cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi.

Sara Ali Khan Visited Mahadev Temple

Sara Ali Khan’s mother’s lineage is a mixture of Punjabi Sikh and Punjabi Muslim roots, while her father’s lineage is made up of a complex mix of Barech Pashtun Afghan, Bengali Hindu, and Assamese Muslim ancestors.

It is extremely natural, especially when someone is raised in a multicultural home, for her to have a strong connection to and appreciation for her mother’s religion, Hinduism, even though she was raised as a Muslim. And her social media posts make it clear. She talks a lot on her blog about going to temples.

Even though this is wholly acceptable and refreshing, some people object to her going to temples.

Although Sara Ali Khan’s posts are filled with positivity, the comments reveal the harsh realities of an extremist society. Sara Ali Khan, however, has the finest response for her.

Sara Ali Khan opens up about facing trolling for visiting temples

The gorgeous actress Sara Ali Khan is a devoted devotee of Lord Shiva and frequently visits Shiva temples when on the road or before the release of her films.

Sara Ali Khan Visited Mahadev Temple

Sadly, Sara has experienced criticism from internet trolls because of her intense devotion to god. Sara’s post received a tonne of harsh feedback that questioned her religious views in the comment section. Sara’s supporters stood by her and backed her right to practise her beliefs in the face of disparaging remarks from trolls who questioned her religious background.

Sara Ali Khan Mahakal Mandir

Shortly after visiting a Mahadev Temple on the auspicious festival of Maha Shivratri and posting a picture to her social media account, Sara gave a suitable answer. Sara accompanied the image of her praying with the message, “Happy Mahashivratri. Bholenath, Jai.

She doesn’t seem bothered by the criticism, and she keeps posting lovely photos of her temple visits on social media. She eventually addressed the trolls in a recent interview with NBT and gave a suitable reaction.

Sara Ali Khan visited Temple

During the interview, the gorgeous diva said,

“If the audience has any complaints about my work, it can be a problem for me too, because I only act for my fans. But if anyone has a problem with my personal things or my lifestyle, I don’t care.”

Recently Sara also visited Bijli Mahadev Temple during her Himachal trip

Sara Ali Khan Visited Mahadev Mandir

On social media, Sara posted images of herself prostrating before Bijli Mahadev. Sara is staying with her mother, Amrita Singh, in Manali. At a height of 2460 metres, the picturesque village of Kashwari in the Kullu Valley is home to the Bijli Mahadev Temple. The god Shiva is the subject of the temple. It is among India’s oldest temples as well.

In terms of her professional obligations, Sara Ali Khan is quite busy getting ready for her upcoming suspense thriller film, “Gaslight.” She is also working on several other intriguing projects, including “Ae Watan Mere Watan,” “Metro…In Dino,” and two untitled films, one of which is directed by Laxman Utekar and the other by Jagan Shakti.

Fans of the gifted actress may also anticipate seeing her in the next film “Murder Mubarak,” which is scheduled for release in 2019.