11 Savage Replies Every Woman Should Keep In Mind For Nosy Relatives


It’s fun to grow up in a typical outdated Indian setting. Along with the usual rants and random comparisons, we also get to respond to questions that have a close connection to our private lives. And at times, responding to those and walking away smiling appears to be the “good kid” conduct.

The statements that women frequently hear from their relatives are listed farther down the list. And we have some vicious retorts to silence them:

1. Your smile is so pretty if you gain some weight you’ll look prettier.


You are incredibly lovely, but I believe you would look even more lovely with a nose job. Because it’s lengthy enough to meddle in other people’s affairs.

2. Your husband looks so thin, don’t you give him food?

We don’t have babysitters at home, woh khudsey khaa leta hai.


3. Why are you so irritated all the time? What are you tired of always?

Tired of dealing with you.

4. If you are working 9-5, who does all the cooking at home for the family?

My hubby makes it a point to spice up both our relationship and the meals.

5. Beta, you’re 28 it’s high time for you to get married!

Why? continually be dissatisfied with the same guy? and tolerate it? No, boyfriends are fine, and divorce is simpler to finish than a breakup.


6. Why did you take up arts? Considered engineering, it has way more scope.

It makes sense why your engineering son “creates content” by making Instagram videos.

7. Got a job and all, but when are you planning to get settled?

Actually, I’m really content; I handle my own finances, food, and business.


8. So when do you two intend to start a family?

We already have four children. We already have 3 dogs and a cat, so I doubt we have room for another.

9. You did not change your surname after getting married? Log kya kahenge?

People will say my name. Duh.


10. How much do you earn?

enough for me to eat and put on weight each day.


11. What are you planning down the line 5 years from now?


In an effort to avoid having this talk right now, I’m making every effort to leave this room.