Influencer Got Arrested & Apologises After Her Vulgar Dance Gone Viral


“You look a little worn,” a person behind the camera commented to Keira Knightley while the performers were doing makeup for the interview. In response, Benedict Cumberbatch said right away that it was not a polite thing to say to one of the world’s most attractive ladies.

Dancer Apologises

“I broke the law when I made the dance video at the train station. Please, all Instagrammers and YouTubers, please don’t make videos like this. She stood next to two police officers who were on duty and apologised to all of the passengers. It was questionable, though, if she truly felt sad and terrible about what she had done when she made the apology statement. Internet users commented, “I think she is happy with the limelight she is getting, not a thread of regret on her face.”

Central Railway educates passengers about concerning law

The Central Railway had earlier tweeted, “The above case is being investigated by RPF for further action,” in response to the footage that went viral of her stepping from a train and dancing in front of guys on a railway platform at the CSMT station. They warned them about the legal ramifications and urged them to abstain from such behaviour. “It is a punishable offence under Railway Act sections 152 & 153 to hurt or attempt to hurt other passengers. The penalty is up to 10 years in prison.”

Woman’s dance reel from CSMT railway station

In the first scene in her dance reel, Kanojiya leaps off a stopped train and does some lewd dance movements in front of the public. After making a dramatic leap from the train, she landed on the platform and nearly bumped into two male passengers, shocking them and other onlookers with her unusual dancing moves. As the dancing video became viral online, people began referring to it as the “Spirit Possessed” Nautanki reel.

Seems @drmmumbaicr @Central_Railway has recruited these “Spirit Possessed” #Nautanki reel makers to “mop’ the Platforms of Railway stations …under the #MeraStationMeraAbhiman project..

Visuals from CSMT…

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