11 Female Actors Who Played Mothers To Actors Who Were Older Than Them


Ageism in Bollywood or the Hindi Film Industry is just one of the backward difficulties the industry faces. Women who are the same age as the male actor are cast as their moms and as their love interests, respectively. Male actors are allowed to play the lead roles at any age, whereas female actors are only permitted to play the lead roles up until a particular age. They are then given roles as the mothers of actors who are their age or older.

Many performers have occasionally expressed their worries about ageism in the Hindi film industry. Bollywood seems to not give a damn, though. It occasionally brazenly casts female actresses as the moms of male actors who are older than them:

Examples of well-known female actresses who played mothers to performers their age are as follows:

1. Richa Chaddha in ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’

Nagma Khatoon was portrayed by Richa Chadda in the 2012 film Gangs of Wasseypur. She played Nagma, the mother of Nawazuddin Siddique, who at the time was 38 years old but was only 24 years old in real life. Later, Richa Chaddha admitted that it was dangerous for her to play the mother of an older man in Gangs of Wasseypur at the age of 24. She also made sure that she no longer chooses movies solely for the chance to act; rather, she chooses movies to act in.

Do you know that Chadha was also asked to play Hrithik Roshan’s mother in the movie Agneepath? She, however, declined the position. The part was eventually filled by Zarina Wahab, a woman who is 14 years older than Roshan.

2. Shefali Shah in ‘Waqt’

Sonali Kulkarni, 44, played the mother of 53-year-old Salman Khan, who portrayed the actual Bharat Kumar in the 2019 film Bharat.

Screengrab from Waqt

3. Sonali Kulkarni in ‘Bharat’

Sonali Kulkarni, 44, played the mother of 53-year-old Salman Khan, who portrayed the actual Bharat Kumar in the 2019 film Bharat.

4. Reema Lagoo in ‘Vaastav’

Sanjay Dutt’s mother was portrayed by Reema Lagoo in Vaastav: The Reality (1999). She was then 41 years old, although Dutt was 40 at the time.

5. Supriya Karnik in ‘Welcome’

Actress Supriya Karnik portrayed Akshay Kumar’s aunt in the 2007 film Welcome. Kumar is 7 years older than Karnik.

6. Rohini in ‘Agnipath’

Rohini portrayed the elderly mother of Amitabh Bachchan in the 1990 original Agnipath. Amitabh was 48 when the film was released, while she was 35. Think about that.

7. Rakhee in ‘Shakti’

In many of Bachchan’s films, including Kabhi Kabhi and Bemisaal, Rakhee played the lead role. However, she went on to play his mother in the 1982 film Shakti, when she was 35 and Bachchan was 40.

8. Nargis in ‘Mother India’

Sunil Dutt, who played Nargis’ son in Mother India, was 28 years old while Nargis was only 26. For her work, she won the Filmfare Award for Best Actress in 1957. Dutt and Nargis later got hitched in 1958.

9. Sheeba Chaddha in ‘Zero’

Zero was a box office flop, as we all know. But did you know that Sheeba Chaddha, who plays Shah Rukh Khan’s mother, is 46 years old while he is 53? How did that go?

10. Seema Biswas in ‘Bacchan Pandey’

Seema Biswas (57), a celebrated actress who has given some of her best performances throughout her career, played Akshay Kumar’s (54) mother in this mafia comedy.

11. Mona Singh in ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’

Recently, a lot of online users expressed their displeasure over the casting of 40-year-old Mona Singh as 57-year-old Aamir’s mother in the film.

We are sick and tired of the continuing sexism in Bollywood films in the year 2022. Please get well soon and stop thinking of female actors as consumables with a shelf life!