Shruti Haasan’s Savage Reply To A Netizen Questioning About Her Virginity Went Viral


In the Indian entertainment industry, Shruti Haasan is a well-known actress and musician with various skills. She got her talent and zeal for the arts from her parents and has established a successful career in the field as the daughter of renowned actor Kamal Haasan and well-known actress Sarika Thakur.

After making her acting debut as a child actor in her father’s films, the well-known actress went on to appear in several Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi films.

She is also well known for being active on social media, where she interacts with her followers and fans. She also answered inquiries about her personal life during a recent chat session, including inquiries about her lip size, her first crush (Bruce Lee), and numerous inquiries about her current partner, Santanu Hazarika.

Everyone was disgusted by one question, though. About Shruti Haasan’s virginity, one internet user asked. She answers him since she is not someone who would be afraid to ask these types of questions.

So, let’s find out what happened:

A netizen inquired about Shruti Haasan’s virginity

During a Q&A session on Instagram, actress Shruti Haasan was recently the recipient of a harsh comment regarding her virginity. One user inquired,

Are You Verjain

In response, the actress delivered a sharp comeback

Fixing the spelling of “virgin” and advising the follower to pick up appropriate spelling before acting like a “weirdo and creep.” She responded in a video, saying,

Spelling mate, Spelling, If you want to be a wierdo and creep, learn to spell first

Take a look at this video:

Nonetheless, Shruti Haasan’s amusing and appropriate response garners a lot of attention on social media, with users appreciating her for being direct while also being tactful.

She flatly refused when an admirer asked if he might date her. Also, when one of the fans inquired if she would consider marrying him, she laughed it off and responded, “No, because,” before panning the camera to her boyfriend, Santanu Hazarika. The social internet is going crazy about her responses.

Shruti Haasan reacted to her marriage rumours

Shruti Haasan also addressed a report that claimed she wed her longtime partner Santanu. The actress denied the story using her official Twitter account, asserting that India Today’s piece was nothing more than clickbait.

Leading media agencies have been reporting a putative statement made by Santanu in which he is said to have claimed to have previously married Shruti, for the uninitiated. When asked if he was considering taking their relationship to the next level, the Doodle artist said he had already “creatively” married the actress. He stated:

We are already married creatively. This shows how strong our bond is. We are creative people who love to do creative things together. That is very important for us. When it comes to marriage, I don’t know about that. Let’s see how things go.

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